We Need To Talk About Kate Middleton’s New Curtain Bangs

Kate Middleton Curtain Bangs

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The Princess of Wales' last couple of public appearances have sparked whisperings of a glow up. A glow up is a pretty extreme turn of phrase in this case, Kate always looks suitably camera-ready after all, but that hasn't stopped journalists and TikTokers alike from raving about her new look, particularly her headline-making hair revamp.

This week Kate stepped out as patron of The Forward Trust at HMP High Down, a crowd-pleasing vision in cinched in Alexander McQueen tailoring and sporting her trademark glossy tonged waves complete with brand new curtain bangs.

Kate, the Princess of Wales, Getty

Kate has long been lauded for her hair. In Prince Harry's best-selling memoir Spare, he makes a point of recalling that the Queen herself was always very admiring of Kate's hair, referring to it as her 'mane'. A quick scroll through Kate's hair evolution in pictures is all it takes to realise just how timeless Kate's signature hairstyle is - read: a high-shine finish, neatly trimmed ends and blow-dry-fresh waves. Remember the hype surrounding the Chelsea blow-dry in the lead-up to 2011's milestone royal wedding? All down to Kate Middleton fever.

How do I ask for Kate Middleton's curtain bangs at my next salon visit?

'I love Kate's new curtain bangs,' says Andreas Wild, stylist at Larry King, 'they're super soft and really open up her face, it brings out her eyes.' According to Wild it's a very versatile too, 'those bangs look great if your hair is worn up too, whether as an updo or a ponytail, those front sections will fall free and frame your face beautifully.' Wild notes that Kate's take on curtain bangs is pretty unique, 'it's a very soft and modern way of wearing curtain bangs,' he says, 'they're evocative of the 80's and can be worn straight, wavy or curly.'

It might feel exacting but trust us when we say that hairdressers appreciate a handful of visual references when it comes to your consultation. If you're after a set of right royal curtain bangs like Kate's, bring in a few images of her most recent look to show your hairdresser. They'll immediately note that these are a soft, subtle set of curtain bangs that have been artfully blended into the rest of her hair and be able to tailor the length and thickness to suit your particular face shape and styling abilities.

Kate, the Princess of Wales, Getty

Are Kate Middleton's curtain bangs high maintenance?

'I recommend coming in every three or four weeks for a quick trim,' says Wild, 'or you can leave it longer if you like the look of slightly grown-out curtain bangs too.' Wild notes that these curtain bangs can be worn straight, curly or wavy so suit most levels of styling too, whether you're adept at tonging, a hair roller devotee or prefer to let your hair dry naturally.

How should I style curtain bangs like Kate Middleton's at home?

If you're after the full Kate effect, start by adding in some root lift at the drying stage. Prep hair with a lightweight, volumising mousse like Larry King's My Nanna's Mousse, £22. If you became mousse-shy in the 00's, know that today's new formulas boast a residue-free finish - forget about any stickiness or crunch. Dry your hair upside down, brushing through as you go to seal in body at the route, then reach for a couple of rollers. Twist your curtain bangs back away from your face with a medium roller, blast gently with some heat and leave to cool, while you use a medium-barrelled tong to curl the rest of your hair away from your face. Leave to cool - ideally for at least 20 minutes - before taking our your rollers, combing in a middle parting and using a soft brush to brush out the rest of your hair. Mist with a light-hold hair spray and you're done.

The Kate Middleton Curtain Bangs Kit

If you became mousse-shy in the 00's, know that today's new formulas - like this one - boast a residue-free finish - forget about any stickiness or crunch.

Larry King Kate Middleton HairLarry King

Creator and all-round hair legend Larry King is passionate about using mousse at the prep-stage of every single blow-dry. This one is lightweight and residue-free, a must of you're after body and shine.

A medium-barrelled curling wand is essential when it comes to creating those Kate Middleton-worthy waves at home.

Kate Middleton curling tongghd

Grazia's beauty director Annie Vischer has been using this curling wand for years. 'It's my absolute go-to and a cinch to use - there's no fiddly clip to negotiate,' she says.

Make sure to twist your curtain bangs back on top of your head with a roller, add some heat with your hairdryer and leave to cool for at least twenty minutes.

These new-gel ceramic thermal rollers hold heat on your hair for longer to max out on staying power.

Once gently brushed out, mist your final look with a light-hold hairspray to add longevity and maintain movement.

Ouai's Volumizing Hairspray is laced with vitamin E to condition and shine up hair. It's packed with polymers that plump your lengths and delivers flexible hold.

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