Everything Your Bridal Hair Stylist Wants You To Know Before Your Wedding

From how to gather the best hair inspiration, to when to book in that pre-wedding trim

Bridal hair

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Like it or not, the level of pressure we put on wedding day hair is immense. Whether a VIP guest craning our neck to get our first glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle, a bridesmaid mid-bridal preparations or the bride themselves, everyone expects something special, so it stands to reason that we have to level up in the haircare department, and not just on the day.

With that in mind, Grazia spoke to hair stylist to the stars - think Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Huda Kattan - Dom Seeley and mined him for all his need-to-know bridal hair advice. Here's what he divulged:

What is the best way to find the best wedding hair stylist for you?

'I would suggest starting your search between 6 - 12 months before your wedding date, that's if you haven't locked in your go-to hairdresser, it's always worth broaching the subject with them. As for searching, you want to use social media and word of mouth. Look for someone that specialises in wedding hair, as they'll be used to the run of things on the day. Set up a Zoom call or FaceTime with your potential hair stylist to double check you're the right fit and that you have the same vision for the day. This way you get to brainstorm a few ideas ahead of your trial, which is always a help, especially if you're still struggling to hit on the final look.'

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When should you book in for your wedding hair trial?

'I always think the best time for a bridal hair trial is any where between two weeks to three months before your wedding day. Sometimes, the closer the better. Feelings and inspiration change all the time so don't book it in too far in advance. Keeping it close to the big day also means you can better visualise the final look, and you'll have more details set in stone by then - your dress, your make-up, your jewellery - all things that influence your hair look.'

How should you prepare for your hair trial?

'Collect hair inspiration from platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. If you can, save images over the course of a few months, rather than doing it in one big search, as you'll find you end up with the truest representation of what you really want. Take your venue and dress into account too, but most importantly, don't stray too far from the sort of look you'd gravitate to normally, if you were getting ready to go out for a fancy meal, for example. Going for an up-do when you can't remember the last time you wore on, is likely not going to make you feel your best on the day, or when you look back at the pictures. You want to look like you, but better.'

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When should you book in the last haircut before your wedding day?

'I always tell brides that a more lived-in cut is much easier to work with on the big day. I would suggest booking in for two or three haircuts in the year leading up to your wedding, and getting your final cut as much as 8-12 weeks before your wedding. Cuts have to be given time to soften, this means up-dos are easier if that's what you're going for, and down-dos look more effortless, less overly preened.'

Should you wear hair extensions on your wedding day?

'This varies from person to person, style to style. If you don't usually wear hair extensions but want a little extra volume that lasts all day, then clip-ins are the way to go. This is what I tell my brides to wear. They're easy to clip in and out, and fill out your hair in minutes. If your hair is prone to letting styles drop, hair extensions will help hold your look, too. If you're opting for clip-in hair extensions, make sure you buy good quality ones and book in with your hairdresser to get them cut and blended, so that when you wear them they are undetectable.'

When should your last hair colour appointment before your wedding day be?

'Colour nowadays is applied to look effortless and natural, as such I'd recommend your last colour appointment before your wedding should be between 1-4 weeks before the big day, depending on a few factors. If you like a fresh look, a week away is the timeframe for you. This allows time to fix anything you might want changed. If you all about balayage, root shadow or an ombre hair colour look, opt for an earlier date. You want your colour to have time to settle in, you don't want it to look too perfectly placed or freshly done. If you're greying though, ignore all of the above and leave your last colour appointment to as close to the day as you can, just make sure to ask for your usual, and book in with your go-to, trusted colourist.'

Should you book in for any hair treatments before your wedding?

'This comes down to personal preference and your specific hair type and health. You want vibrant, shiny, healthy-looking hair on the day. Work with your hair stylist and hair colourist to decide on what your hair needs. This could be anything from protein, moisture or bond building. As for an at-home treatment, I always recommend Color Wow's Money Masque, £39.50. It's lightweight, leaves no residue - read: no greasy feeling - your hair feels refreshed, hydrated and strengthened, and is left with both incredible shine and movement.'

What should you do to your hair on the night before your wedding?

'This all depends on what you have talked through with your stylist. Some say to wash your hair the night before so that it's a bit more lived in and style-able on the day, others might prefer you to wash it the morning of so that they can kick things off with a rough dry or a blow-dry. Either way I'd recommend sleeping in a silk hair wrap or on a silk pillowcase, to cut down on friction and breakage and reduce unwanted frizz.'

What should you do to your hair on the morning of your wedding?

'This should be planned down to the finest detail with your stylist, who'll take control of proceedings. I'd recommend taking out any hair ties very early on though, and brushing your hair before styling.'

As for the products Dom recommends keeping to hand on the big day? You can read up on them and shop them all below:

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Wedding Hair Heroes - Grazia 2022

Color WOW and Chris Appleton Money Masque
1 of 5

'I would recommend the Color Wow and Chris Appleton Money Masque as an at-home treatment option, as it's lightweight, leaves no residue so no build-up or greasy feeling. Your hair is just refreshed, hydrated and strengthened with incredible shine and movement, perfect for your day as it doesn't contain any bad-for-you ingredients like sulphates, fruit oils etc.' - Dom Seeley.

Slip Pure Silk Turban
2 of 5

'Some hair stylists will say to wash your hair the night before so it has a night to live in and some natural oils left in your hair. You should sleep in a silk hair wrap or with a satin pillowcase though, to stop friction and reduce frizz.' - Dom Seeley.

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray
3 of 5

'Dream Coat by Color Wow is a must! Have your stylist blow-dry it into your hair as prep for the day. It will block out humidity and keep your hair frizz-free all day, well for up to three days, actually.' - Dom Seeley.

Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer
4 of 5

'If you want a ton of touchable volume and texture then you want to use XTRA Large from Color Wow. This will give you all-day hold and volume without it being dry, sticky or dehydrated.' - Dom Seeley.

Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray
5 of 5

'I would keep some hairspray to hand for any small details or flyaways after the ceremony, for the pictures and to reset the hair during the evening. My go-to hairspray option is Cult Favorite from Color Wow, it is an all-rounder, never stiff or sticky and it's buildable and can be brushed out.' - Dom Seeley.

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