Bombshell Hair And How It’s Done According To Chris Appleton

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez's go-to hair stylist reveals all

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It's not often that a celebrity hair stylist enjoys the same level of fame as their clients, but with over 2.5 million Instagram followers and 1.2 million TikTok followers and counting, renowned hair guru Chris Appleton is well on his way. He's referred to as a 'rockstar celebrity stylist' by one of his favourite haircare names Color Wow - Chris is also the brands global creative director - and he even has a product on the shelves. The Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Masque, £39.50, is hailed as the one-step-prep treatment for expensive looking hair. And Chris knows expensive looking hair.

Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Masque, £39.50Chris Appleton + Color Wow

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa all consider Chris their go-to stylist, and you can see why they all remain so loyal.

Famed for his ability to create volume that lasts, waves for days and ponytails that defy gravity, he has created some of the stars' most iconic looks to date. Remember JLo's Superbowl blow-out? Chris. Kim's 2019 wet look that set off her Sophia-Loren-inspired Thierry Mugler dress to a tee? Also Chris. You get the picture.

The Bombshell Look

The bombshell is one of Chris' signature styles - volume, shine, glossy waves - it's the ultimate in romanticised 90s glamour. And yes, it's pretty easy to create when you have a seasoned pro like Chris on hand to do it all for you, but it is possible to replicate the style at home too. Keen to give it a go? Chris let Grazia into his top tips and tricks. Watch his in-depth demo on Grazia's beauty editor Annie Vischer below:

How To Style The Bombshell Look At Home

1. Prep - 'First of all we're going to prep the hair. I like to work on dry hair, you don't need to go in and wet it. I like to use product to cut styling time down. I start off with Color Wow Raise The Root. Apply it through the roots then hit it with the hairdryer to pump up the volume and give the hair some guts. Once you're done spraying through, tip your head upside down and dry it in.'

2. Texture - 'Before you curl the hair, prep it some more with a texture spray. This gives your hair a bit of grit, which helps to hold your curls in place. Your curls are more likely to drop if your hair is too soft. My secret weapon is the Color Wow Styling Steroids, it's like backcombing in a bottle, it's heat activated too. I brush the hair back and work without a part, this gives the hair more movement when you take it down, it ensures it doesn't look to stiff. Spray the texture spray through each section of hair before you curl it. Brush it through the section then reach for the tong. Use a medium-sized barrel then coil into a loop and fix with a flat clip - pin curling sets the curl. People are loving rollers at the moment, but if that's the way you want to go, choose heated rollers instead - the heat gives you more hold. Leave your pin curls to set for at least 10 minutes.'

3. Release - 'Release your curls and tease them over the top with a brush. This is when you'll see all of that volume and bounce come through. Spray a shine spray through your lengths and onto your brush while you're brushing through. It gives your hair that very polished look and brings it back to life.'

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