Considering Lash Extensions For Your Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

From what look to ask for at your lash extension appointment to how far in advance to get them done, our go-to pro tells all

Wedding Lash Extensions

by Annie Vischer |

If you're considering lash extensions ahead of your wedding and you're not a regular lash extension wearer there are a few things to keep in mind ahead of the big day. Yes your lash extensions may seem like a very small part of your wedding - and in the grand scheme of things they're obviously not the main event - but there's a learning curve involved in getting them just right.

Grazia asked lash technician extraordinaire Edy London bestow her wealth of eyelash extension knowledge. Some of Edy's most notable clients include the likes of Ellie Goulding, Trinny Woodall and Lisa Snowdon (click here to find out more about Edy's lash services).

Wedding Lash Extensions

How Far In Advance Of Your Wedding Should You Get Lash Extensions Applied?

'The ideal time is around three to four days ahead of your big day,' says Edy, 'if your wedding is abroad and you're set to travel a week before to organise everything make sure to get them done the day before you fly out, leaving it as late as possible. If you end up having your lashes applied more than 10 days before your wedding day make sure to have an oil-free mascara handy just in case you need a lash top-up on the day.'

How Far In Advance Of Your Wedding Should You Start Researching Lash Technicians?

'Ideally, if you can, a year earlier!' Advises Edy, 'If it's a summer wedding get them done the year before for your holiday to try them and the lash technician out. If you're getting married at Christmas, get them done for the Christmas season the year before. If you don't like the style or the shape you've got plenty of time to try them again before your wedding and hit on the perfect look. You also want to get used to wearing your lashes and caring for them, as well as build trust with your lash technician. After a couple of appointments you'll be able to tell whether you're happy to trust them with your wedding lashes.'

What Lash Look Is Best For Your Wedding Day?

'Always err more on the natural-look side of things.' Says Edy. 'Your make-up artist is likely to persuade you to try a more dramatic make-up look than you're used to for the sake of the pictures but the same rule does not apply to your lash extensions. You want your lashes to look a little bit longer and slightly thicker. You might also consider more curled lashes depending on your eye shape. Always follow your instinct and stick to what YOU like! In my experience the more you ask others for their opinion when it comes to lashes, the more confused you'll get.'

Wedding Lash Extensions

Edy's Top Wedding Day Lash Extension Tips

1. Go for silk or synthetic mink lashes - 'They are pre-curled and won't loose their shape. Other varieties can drop their curled shape after contact with water.'

2. Choose your technician based on word of mouth - 'Especially if they come recommended by a friend that you trust when it comes to beauty. If you think someone's lash extensions look great, ask them who their technician is. Or even find a style that you like on Instagram and message the person who applied them if they are local. Look at their reviews on Google, they are usually a great indicator.'

3. Always go for jet black lashes or brown if you're fair - 'Don't experiment with coloured lashes before your big day.'

4. Once you've had them done stear clear of oily beauty products - 'That includes oily sunblocks, eye creams containing oils etc. Oils deplete your lash extensions' staying power and you want them to last.'

5. Don't go for a budget buy - 'If a price looks too good to be true when it comes to lash extensions it often is. Lash extensions are an investment that it's not worth trying to save huge amounts of money on. You want to feel great about the way you look on your wedding day so don't risk compromising on the skill of your lash technician if lashes are a must for you.'

6. Always give lash extensions a trial run - 'Don't forget that you might not like them! You might have a reaction to the glue too (there's a very small chance of this) and you might not like the upkeep involved in them (avoiding oily beauty products, careful cleansing etc). Always give your lash extensions a trial run just in case.'

7. Don't go for the dramatic look - 'Very long, thick stage-worthy lashes don't translate well when it comes to a classic wedding day, less is more. If you want an extra bit of volume you can always ask your technician for a top-up, but it's more difficult to rectify a lash look that's OTT.'

Edy applies wedding lashes for £300 in Fitzrovia, London, and £400 for home visits in central London. Click here for more information__.

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