Lidl’s New Designer Perfume Dupes Are Just £5 – But Are They Worth The Hype?

Do they really smell like our favourite luxury scents?

lidl perfume dupes

by Rachael Martin |
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When it comes to the perfume dupes hall of fame few hit the mark quite like M&S and Aldi and Lidl. Time and time again, we’re met with the supermarket answer to some of our favourite fragrances, ensuring there’s always a budget alternative to a high-end spritz. For proof, look to Aldi’s latest dupe – it's the £5.99 answer to the viral Baccarat Rouge and already has our beauty writer's seal of approval. As expected, Lidl is hot on the heels of Aldi, having just released an impressive three scents that are already taking #PerfumeTok by storm. But are these perfume dupes truly worth their salt? Scroll on for our full review.

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Shop: Lidl's Latest Perfume Dupes

A rich, floral scent


Few scents are quite so enduring as Dior’s J’Adore – there’s been many iterations but the classic

A fruity, gourmand scent


Cien's Femelle is garnering huge amounts of attention on TikTok thanks to its resemblance to

A floral, woody scent


Chloe For Her - and its high street counterpart Cien Chatou - could be exactly what you're after

The takeaway? It’s incredibly hard for a budget supermarket brand to truly compare to high-end fragrance houses. While you'll definitely see similarities in how these scents smell, Lidl just misses the mark when it comes to recreating luxury packaging and perfume longevity. In saying that? They do smell good. So for the sake of £5.25? If authenticity isn't your MO then then these Lidl offerings could just be scents worth spritzing.

Lidl's new perfume range is available in stores now, while stocks last.


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