Aldi Have Launched A New £5 Perfume – And It’s Dupe Of A Classic Scent

Could this be their most similar dupe yet?

Aldi Empress paco rabanne dupe

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We’ve got to give it to Aldi – they know more than just a thing or two about dupes. And we’re not just talking about Cuthbert the Caterpillar. Long gone are the days where the masses would flock to the budget supermarket for garden furniture and bargain snacks. Now, it’s all about their Lacura rage which is proving to be something of a treasure trove for beauty dupes.


A quick reminder then, of some of the gold that’s cropped at Aldi in the past few weeks. They’ve boasted a £2.99 answer to Olaplex, a La Mer inspired Caviar cream, some 100% silk Slip style scrunchies and a Sol De Janeiro body lotion dupe - there's just no denying that they’re amongst some of the most blatant copies out there. If you’re not bothered by authenticity? The reviews have been consistently good, so these are products worth checking out.

The latest dupe to land on Aldi shelves? It’s a fragrance, and it’s been taking #PerfumeTok by storm. Enter Lacura Empress Eau de Parfum, £5.99. Housed in a beautiful pink bottle, it’s being compared to Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa Eau de Parfum, £97, and, after trying it ourselves, we can confirm that they are actually incredibly similar. Both are sensual and elegant – and both reveal notes of fresh jasmine, warming sandalwood and sweet vanilla. And when we compared ingredients? The resemblance is undeniable.

While we don’t think Aldi’s Empress quite manages to outshine its high-end counterpart (the Paco Rabanne certainly performs in terms of longevity) it's fair to say that, for £5.99, it could just be worthy of your newest summer time spritz.

Shop: Paco Rabanne Olympéa and Aldi Lacura Empress Eau de Parfum


This one is currently only available in stores - but we predict it’s set to be a sell-out.


A cult classic for a reason, Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa is sure to bring in swathes of compliments.

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