The Best Cryotherapy Beauty Tools To Use At Home

Up your self-care routine with a how-to guide on giving yourself a cryotherapy facial. Even Lady Gaga is a fan.

Cryotherapy tools Lady Gaga

by Natalie Corner |

Hands up if you have woken up with a puffy face or if, at the slightest whiff of salt, your body is screaming at you to stop. Unfortunately for most of us, it’s likely to be water retention, unless you have allergies or a medical condition – in which case, please seek guidance from a doctor. That irritating bloat or puffiness is often triggered by food, alcohol, allergies, late nights and can also be a symptom of PMS.

While experts recommend treatments like lymphatic drainage, when it comes to quick at-home remedies to treat your puffy, bloated face (if it’s not a serious medical condition), cryotherapy beauty tools simulate the same process. A step up from your usual jade roller or gua sha stone, there are ice rollers, cryo orbs, ice globes, frozen masks and gels that can soothe your skin all from the comfort of your own home. Effectively a luxury version of a cold compress, the cool temperatures of the cryotherapy facial tools can help de-puff you. Just ask Lady Gaga or Victora Beckham.

What Is Cryotherapy Treatment?

Cryotherapy treatments can have benefits for a wide range of medical conditions including: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, muscle and ligament strains, back and neck pain, as well as possible relief from inflammation of the skin such as eczema and psoriasis, according to 111SKIN.

According to Healthline 'the intense cold causes your blood vessels to contract and your pores to tighten [which results in] an increase in the flow of blood and oxygen to the face, which can make skin glowy and more vibrant.'

A 111SKIN cryotherapy facial, where electronically cooled purified air at minus 30 degrees is blasted on your skin, claims to increase microcirculation, reduce inflammation, oxygenate and detoxify, reduce overproduction of oil and harmful bacteria, lift and firm by improving muscular tone, improve epidermal firmness and reduces open pores, as well as promoting collagen and elastin production.

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Natalie Corner, Grazia’s commercial deputy editor, tested out 111SKIN’s Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment at its Harvey Nichols London location to test out the effects. It is a gas-free cryotherapy chamber that uses extremely low temperatures (minus 80 degrees to be exact), inciting vasoconstriction and leading to a vast array of physical and mental benefits.

'After changing into 111SKIN’s own sports bra, shorts, padded slippers, ski gloves, donning a face mask and wrapping up my ears in a headband, I hopped into the chamber after direction from Isaac, 111SKIN’s host. He explained that I’d spend three minutes (almost the length of the Beyonce song I’d chosen to listen to) standing in the chamber with the freezing air blasting my skin.

 'This was much better than my attempts at standing under a cold shower in the morning as I didn’t have to contend with water, instead the blasts of cold air was invigorating. I even practised my Wim Hof breathing method taking shallow breaths to manage the biting temperature that hit the back of my throat, then exhaling and keeping my lungs as empty as possible. Once you manage your breathing, the chamber really wakes you up! I could get used to a session every week.'

If you haven't got the time for a weekly cryotherapy session, why not see which tools can help you replicate that freezing sensation at home...

How To Use Cryotherapy Beauty Tools At Home

If you want to level up from rubbing ice cubes on your face, which does work a treat, try out the above products. And if you’ve ever had a facial or massage these DIY tips from Claire Williams, founder of Wow Facial, will help you to emulate lymphatic drainage with tools or your hands on your face during your self-care session.

Start by taking your thumb and forefinger of both hands and lightly grab the sides of your chin and jawline, then in long sweeping strokes slide them up towards your lymph glands repeat this about 20 times. This is great at lifting the lower face too.

Next, do long sweeping strokes down from the glands towards your collar bone. This aids the flow of the lymph towards the heart. Again repeat 20 times.

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Next, place the index and middle finger together and place them on your cheeks. Make sure you have made contact with the gland that sits just under the cheek. You should be able to feel a sensitive area. Stoke out and upwards towards the lower temple and repeat about 20 times.

Move up towards the eyebrows and starting from the centre of your brows with your 2 fingers add slight pressure and stroke outwards towards your temples. Repeat 10-20 times.

For the under-eye area, you’ll need to take care as we do not want to drag the skin here as it’s very delicate, so using your middle fingers add a little more oil or your favourite eye cream to aid the slip and go from the corner of your eye and out all the way to the temple in one long sweep but with gentle pressure. Only repeat this 5-10 times so you don’t damage the delicate eye area.

We now need to move the lymph we have massaged out towards the temples and we do this with your 2 fingers, add slight pressure and stroke down towards your glands under the jawline. Again repeat 20 times.

To finalise the drainage repeat the first step again of massaging along the jawline then doing long sweeping strokes down towards your collar bone.

Should I Keep My Beauty Tools And Products Cold?

The main function of keeping your beauty tools and products cold is to help with de-puffing. So your ice rollers, jade rollers and any masks that require refrigeration will work best when chilled.

Products like facial mists, gel and serums don't have to be in the fridge, but during the summer months, it certainly helps soothe puffy, blotchy hot skin. Although not a necessity, a beauty fridge will help you organise your tools and products, especially if you don't have space in your own fridge or freezer.

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