Can I Watch SATC On Netflix In UK?

'I need my girls back!'

The real reason why Sex and the City isn't on Netflix UK

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American fans of Sex and the City have been tirelessly lauding Netflix for dropping the cult favourite series on the streaming platform. 'Finally!' one fan enthused when the series launched at the beginning of April, 'Time to relive all the iconic fashion moments and fabulous adventures with the girls. Netflix just got a whole lot more glamorous!'

However, across the pond in the UK, there's been a sense of mourning and lament among Sex and the City devotees. While it's all the rage in the States, it appears the TV juggernaut has failed to add it to its roster of offerings for British viewers. 'Sex and the City not being put on UK Netflix is very insulting to me - I need my girls back!' wrote one disappointed fan.

So, why hasn't Netflix UK mirrored its US counterpart in putting Sex and the City on the platform?

Is Sex and the City available on Netflix UK?

Unfortunately, UK fans won't be able to stream Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte's antics on Netflix. No doubt they will be living vicariously through US viewers, who have been swarming X (Twitter) with their SATC discourse.

'Staying in bed and watching Sex and the City (for the millionth time) all day' wrote one user. Another penned, 'Rewatching for the 7128383361916 millionth time for clarity & comfort.'

Us Brits can dream, eh?

Why isn't Sex and the City on Netflix UK?

According to Variety, Netflix struck up a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery to license all six seasons of Sex and the City for US viewers. While this comprises all 94 episodes, it does not include the eponymous film franchise, nor the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That...

A vital fact for disappointed UK residents: Netflix's deal with Warner Bros is not global, hence why the UK has not been included. The HBO series is limited to Netflix in the US, as well as several other European markets, but not for us. Sobs.

Where can I watch Sex and the City?

Never fear - you can still get your SATC fix somewhere. Over in the UK, seasons one to six are available to watch on NOW TV, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. All of these offer free trials before payed subscriptions.

So, we can actually watch it - we just have to head on over to a different streaming platform than our American counterparts!

Sex and the City originally spanned from June 1998 until February 2004, receiving over 50 Primetime Emmy Awards nods and winning seven.

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