Selling The OC: Austin Has Responded To The Sean Feud On Instagram

Austin's Instagram post has taken things up a notch

Selling The OC: Sean and Austin Drama

by Millie Payne |
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The drama of Selling the OC season three has spilled on over into the realm of Instagram - a tell-tale giveaway that the feud between agents Austin Victoria and Sean Palmieri is nowhere near being squashed.

A major storyline in Selling the OC this season was the intense fallout between Sean and Austin, after the former accused the latter of trying to get him to have a threesome with him and his wife Lisa Victoria. Austin strenuously denied the claims but Sean was still doubling down on them at the end of the season. As the argument continued, further details in Sean's story seemed to confuse the other agents, resulting in agent Kayla Cardona second-guessing everything.

In a dramatic turn last night, Austin took to Instagram in response to 'the repeated DMs and comments' to 'set the record straight' about what viewers have seen. In the post's caption, the realtor alluded to Kayla's reactions towards the end of the season, as well as hinting that Sean's allegations were in a bid for more airtime.

Austin wrote in full, 'Unfortunately I cannot reply to all your comments and DMs and so many of you have VERY strong opinions. It’s not complicated, it’s actually quite simple. Screen time!!! The last slide is the conversation on the night in question. As you can see, we were friends before AND after. There was no “distancing” [because] of “weird vibes.” In fact, the very next week, we made brochures together and went door knocking. We were friends for an entire year after this so-called “kinky proposal.” I have the receipts!'

Within the physical post, Austin begged fans to 'finish the entire season first'. 'The lies start to fall apart and opinions change,' he wrote. The truth will always prevail.'

Touching on his screen-time argument, Austin continued, 'In reality TV, if you are not featured, you are not paid. When you quit your job and haven't sold a property in two years, you get desperate. Contrary to popular belief, reality TV doesn't pay the bills. In reality TV, you can quite literally make anything up and it's your word vs. theirs. Scary stuff.'

He proceeded to show his alliance with the LGBTQ+ community, with the next swipe reading, 'Love is love. I agree with this 100 per cent. I love my LGBTQ+ friends and I have and always will support them. Period.'

Austin then re-emphasised that he was not 'hitting on' Sean and their text exchange wasn't flirty. 'I'm sorry but not sorry [because] the following does not mean I'm hitting on you, especially if we are good friends. Double tapping your posts, sending heart emojis or complimenting your progress in the gym ("them legs"),' he wrote. (Sean had interpreted Austin's compliment about his legs to be 'flirty').

The final part of his statement read, 'Lastly, I'm a straight man. I love my wife and we have never and will never "experiment". I can care less what you do in your personal life. Zero judgement here, do what makes YOU happy!'

Austin then concluded with a screenshot of an alleged text conversation with Sean, in which Sean appears to thank Austin and Lisa for having him over, and suggests they should spend time together more often.

Selling the OC agents Polly Brindle and Alex Hall rushed to support Austin's post, while Sean has not publicly responded. Eek...

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