MAFS UK: Were The Experts Right To Match April And George Despite Their Differing Views On Kids?

Matching April - who dosen't want children with George - who is a father of four is questionable.

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by Aaliyah Harry |
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Last night on Married At First Sight the weddings continued. Viewers witnessed the marriages of Thomas and Adrian andApril and George. However, when it came to April and George - the experts seem to have missed the mark and viewers noticed it too.

On the show, the experts rigorously interview the potential brides and grooms - and then match them up based on many different factors. They discuss why each person's qualities would compliment the other, and why they think they'd work out (even if they clearly won't). Sometimes, they ignore some of the many demands people make - such as Whitney Hughes'slightly over the top requests - believing that they can match people who grow to like each other, even if they're not as tall/muscly/whatever as perhaps they'd like.

But on last night's episode, it was clear the experts made an oversight. April, a dress designer, was matched with George, a financial advisor. Yes, they both found each other very physically attractive as George was beaming whilst April walked down the aisle. 'She's stunning, her eyes are just delicious, she's gorgeous,' he said.

However, as they were leaving their reception, George asked April, 'Is it just you? Do you have children?' To which April answered, 'It's just me. I'm not sure if I actually want children. Do you have children?' George replied nervously, 'Four.' April looked completely blindsided and stunned.

In a solo on-camera interview, April admitted that she was 'scared' and 'nervous' to be a stepmother, adding that she was a 'bit shocked' over the 'immense pressure.' The experts labelled April and George a 'fairytale match' which is just not true. The fact that April feels 'pressured' into motherhood is uncomfortable to watch.

It is obviously a huge issue if someone isn't sure about wanting kids and matching them with someone who already has four. It will be a huge adjustment to April's life. Surely a pair who have different thoughts on children shouldn't have been matched. It's not fair on either of them, but particularly April - as not wanting to have children, as a woman, still comes with some stigma.

April then seemed to relay that it was 'fine' towards the end of the episode - which isn't okay either. It's clearly not how she envisioned her life and she shouldn't have to alter that. Being a mum or step-mum is a life long commitment and it's not for everyone. Whoever chooses to take on this vital role should be ready for it so the children can have a smooth transition too.

The thought process of this match by the experts is just not adding up. Especially when it's something April specified that she didn't want in the first place, it seems deeply unfair that she feels pressured into it.

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