Zara McDermott Has Told Us How To Predict The Next Love Islander Leaving The Villa

She’s got the inside intel.

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

As the 2022 season of Love Island continues, many of us are dying for inside intel on the innerworkings villa. Do they cook every meal for themselves? Does someone come in to cut and dye their hair? Are they allowed to nap during the day? From Aftersun to Unseen Bits, the behind-the-scenes content is sometimes more intriguing than the series itself.

And Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson has even started quizzing his girlfriend and former contestant Zara McDermott on the things she learned about Love Island while being on the show.

In his latest video, he asks: ‘Do you get told how to stand around the fire pit?’ and she reveals: ‘You do get told what order to stand in, yes.’

Putting two and two together, Sam demands: ‘Does that means you know who’s going to go?!’

‘Looking back now…I have an indication yeah,’ Zara revealed. And what’s the magic formula to be able to spot which islander is about to be sent home from the villa yourself? ‘I don’t feel like you’d ever stand a vulnerable islander next to next to one who’s not vulnerable,’ she said.

Back in season four in Zara’s final episode of Love Island, she was sent packing from the villa while standing next to Jack and Dani – who later went on to win the show. ‘I was like sh**t,’ Zara admitted in Sam’s TikTok of the fire pit position on eviction night.

Adhering to the common opinion that this year’s season is actually ‘Gemma Island’ after the daughter of Michael Own dominated the majority of the screentime earlier this season Sam theorised of the current contestants: ‘Anyone next to Gemma, basically, they’re going. What an insight – all the secrets are coming out.’

On top of that, Zara also told Sam that islanders are told when they’re about to get a text so they can make sure their phones are on them. ‘They’re not just holding them all day…They do get told?’ quizzed Sam. ‘They would be like “maybe you should all have your phones”’ admitted Zara.

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