Jack Fincham Is Being The Epitome Of An Annoying Ex On Social Media

Maybe the Love Island winner should just log out for a while?

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by Bonnie McLaren |

Bad exes. You know, the ones who are out making catty digs on social media, liking all your best friends’ bikini photos, making attention-seeking Facebook statuses which look like they’ve been written by a 14-year-old. Yep. We’ve all had them! Dani Dyer - winner of last year’s Love Island - can now join the club. Because her ex-boyf Jack Fincham is being her social media worst nightmare.

Yesterday, as Grazia reported, Dani was spotted snogging her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence. And that set off the rumour mill, big time - with people being quick to assume Dani had been in contact with her ex behind Jack’s back (even though there is literally no evidence to support that.) She then apparently denied the claims in a now-deleted tweet, telling the troll she was about to “lose her s***” and “wouldn’t text when she’s with someone”.

But that refusal just wasn’t enough for Jack, who then liked a comment which read, ‘Is this the case that Dani cheated on you? And this is her ex before you mate. Hope you find true love one day mate x.’ This then obviously created a load of headlines, because, if you are a celebrity in the public eye and you like a controversial tweet/Instagram comment, you bet eagle-eyed showbiz journalists are going to notice. It’s kind of like making a statement - but, conveniently, without actually saying anything. Jack will have probably known this would create a few headlines, implying that Dani is in the wrong.

And it wasn't the first time he'd hit the heart button. Earlier in the day, Jack liked a Tweet which said he had a lucky escape from Danny Dyer jr. ‘Loved being blocked by Dani for pointing out the obvious. All I can say is @jack_charlesf you got a lucky escape.’ (Encouraging people to gang up on his ex-girlfriend, nice!)

Last, but by no means least, comes the final nail in the reality coffin of their relationship. It was reported (and photographed) by The Sun that Dani’s new-but-old flame was carrying a ‘suspicious white powder’. Jack then uploaded a pic of himself holding a man-bag to Instagram, with the caption, ‘Bag in my hand again... it’s helpful 😂😂.’ The irony, whether intended or not, was not lost on his villa mates, with all the #lads, such as Charlie Frendrick commenting, ‘Hahahahahaha shots fired!!!’ or Josh Denzel’s cry-laugh cry-laugh emoji ‘You’re rude’. Top banter, right? If you forget it’s just a bit hypocritical because Jack publicly apologized for suspicious white powder usage!

On this occasion, we are firmly on the side of Dani Dyer, who, let’s face it, with over a million more followers on Instagram, is always going to win this social media battle. Maybe Jack should log out for a while. Or at least at avoid hitting like.

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