Zara McDermott On Her New Dating Show, Love In The Flesh

The former Love Islander is about to host a dating show - for couples who have never met.

Zara McDermott

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Fan of Catfish? Fan of Love Island{ =nofollow}? Fan of basically any dating show ever? Well, the BBC's new offering, Love In The Flesh, is probably going to be right up your street. The show puts five couples to the test - the main twist being that the couples have only met online. And it isn't until they're on the show, living in a luxury Greek beach house, that they see each other face to face for the first time. If it sounds wild, that's because it is.

And who better to present the show than Zara McDermott{ =nofollow}, who rocketed to fame after appearing on the 2018 series of Love Island. While Zara might have experience as a reality star - she's also appeared on Made in Chelsea, alongside boyfriend Sam Thompson - it's the first time the 24-year-old has presented an entertainment programme, after two important documentaries for BBC Three: one on revenge porn, and the other on rape culture in schools.

'I think that no one should be limited to only doing one genre of TV... You should be able to experience whatever shows you want to film during that time,' Zara tells Grazia. 'I think that it's amazing I have been given the opportunity to do both.'

She also tells us that she got involved in the project because the show gives a glimpse into modern dating culture, as potential couples are chatting online 'sometimes meeting isn't priority'. 'But if you want a relationship to go somewhere, unfortunately, you have to meet - so we kind of give them a baptism of fire,' she adds. 'We say right, let's see. This is a social experiment - let's see if this relationship can work.' Because the couples are already together, in a sense, she says the show is unique, and she can't compare it to other dating shows.

Sam, Zara's boyfriend{ =nofollow}, is also a reality star turned presenter, and one of his most recent gigs has been landing a radio show on Hits Radio, alongside the TV work he's done on E4, hosting a reality news show with his best mate, TOWIE's Pete Wicks. Could Zara and Sam one day become the next presenting power couple? The next Richard and Judy, the next Marvin and Rochelle? At the moment, Zara is happy they're both working on separate projects - and says they're both very proud of each other - but she won't rule out working with him, either. 'Maybe in a few years' time, I would say.'

Love In The Flesh's first episodes air on Wednesday March 23 and Thursday March 24 at 10pm, with both episodes also available on BBC iPlayer on Wednesday night.

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