Love Island’s Coco Lodge Made A Revelation About Why Her And Paige Thorne Don’t See Eye To Eye

‘I actually tried really hard with her because she was being the least welcoming to all of us,’ Coco said in a TikTok

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by Bonnie McLaren |

Coco Lodge might have only been in the villa for a few short days, after being taken back from Casa Amor by Andrew Le Page, but within that time she managed to make an impact, as helped play a part in one of the most iconic Love Island moments of all time, Tit-Gate.

But now leaving the villa, Coco has revealed a supposed fall out which didn’t make it to screen.

Coco has alleged that she tried really hard to be friends with Paige Thorne, but that Paige told Summer Botwe - one of Coco’s friends who was another Casa Amor bombshell - that she didn’t ‘like her vibe’. Speaking in a TikTok, Coco said: ‘I didn't do anything in there, but I actually tried really hard with her because she was being the least welcoming to all of us. So I was trying really really hard with her to try and form a bond. And it just felt like she had an issue with me, even though I hadn't done anything like I never got with Jacques [O'Neill] or anything. I just didn't understand her issue with me.’

She also spoke out something she previously revealed on the Murad Merali podcast, that the boys ranked the girls by looks out of ten. ‘She didn't want to look like me and then obviously told Gemma giggling that the boys said I was a four out of 10 and she was a 12 which isn't nice or kind behaviour. And [then she told] one of my best friends Summer that she just didn't like my vibe.’

Coco might have had a hard time in the villa, but regardless, it seems like she’s got her life sorted outside of the villa. She’s signed with the same management who look after Liberty Poole, and she’s already attended some glitzy premieres. And she’s also taken part in Grazia’s 10 Hot Questions, which you can watch below, where she’s really, really funny.

When asked who the most famous person to slide into her DMs is, she answered: ‘Jedward, baby! That was before I entered the villa, they slid in because my flatmate knows them and she was like… my flatmate’s obsessed with you! So they slid in and they were telling me how great I looked on the beach. They were like my first celebrity crush, I think.’

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