Here’s When The Casa Amor Twist Will Happen On Love Island This Year

It is reportedly coming soon!

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by Aaliyah Harry |

This is not a drill! Casa Amor is already on its way! If hurricane Ekin-Su isn't enough to cure your drama needs then this will surely do the trick. This season of Love Island has been the most action packed one we have had since season 5. From Davide dropping hilarious one-liners to Jacques winding the villa up and Ekin-Su crawling on the terrace - it has been TV gold! But still it feels like watching Love Island every night is becoming a waiting game. Waiting, we should say, for the true chaos to start.

Even last week, only two weeks into the show, I found myself wondering when the Casa Amor twist will occur. The internet is already dying to see how Ekin Su will react or if Gemma will stray from Luca. With Casa Amor comes tension, tears and shock revelations – everything we knew love about Love Island ( and the love, of course.)

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one waiting for the Casa Amor plot twist. According to Google Trends, ‘When is Casa Amor season 8’ and ‘When will Casa Amor happen’ are both breakout search terms on Google right now.

When will Casa Amor happen on season eight of Love Island?

So, we decided to do some digging and find out when our islanders will be put to the ultimate test. After much investigating – also known as binge-watching the show – it turns out that contestants are sent to Casa Amor typically around day 26-28 of the show. This year, it has been reported that Casa Amor kicks off on the 4th of July!

Yes, that does mean we still have at least one more week to wait, but to be honest, a handful of extra episodes to give the contestants time to cement those bonds is probably the best bet to make Casa Amor as interesting as possible.

Right now, Gemma Owen and Luca Bish, Dami and Indiyah and maybe Jacques and Paige have any sort of relationship at stake for a Casa Amor-style twist. Yes, there’s other couples forming, but we can’t say they are secure yet. Davide's currently living his hot boy summer so, it's all to play for!

So, with one week left until the villa really erupts, who are you placing your bets on to jump ship?

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