Can We All Agree Dami Is The Best Love Island Contestant This Year?

We're convinced he'll stay true in Casa Amor, but then again we have been burned before (we're looking at you, Michael Griffiths).

Dami Hope Love Island

by Georgia Aspinall |

Allow us to proceed with caution, because boy have we been burned before (Michael Griffiths, we’re looking at you) but on this year’s Love Island, we might have just found our favourite contestant ever in Dami Hope.

The 26-year-old has fast become all anyone can talk about on the show. Why? Well, not only is he GORGEOUS, but he’s also quickly cemented himself as the villa therapist – pulled for chats more times than we can count. Realistically, he doesn’t have much competition since most of the other men in the villa have demonstrated a severe lack of emotional intelligence. Dami on the other hand? He listens, he empathises, he communicates – a man of dreams in the hell that is modern-day dating.

But it’s not just his ability to problem-solve that has us downloading the Love Island app on every device to vote for him to stay, it’s his relationship with Indiyah that is making viewers fall in love. Last night, the pair proved cuter than ever on their official first date after they were finally able to couple up. Their chemistry was off the scales, and given how VASTLY under-appreciated Indiyah has been so far, it was a long-time coming to see someone make her happy.

There’s a messy side to Dami we love too, of course, purely for how easily he gets away with stirring up tea. After last night’s drama between Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Gemma Owen, viewers were quick to point out that Dami had escaped the arguments unscathed despite being the only one who actually said that Gemma’s head could be turned. It was so smooth you can’t help but love it - Dami bringing the drama we all need without risking his own peace – we could only wish to be so beloved.

Ultimately, Dami may just be our favourite Islander this season because of how much he restores our faith in men. In a series which features male Islanders love-bombing their 19-year-old partner, kicking off over a delayed brioche and referring to women as ‘expired food’ (that’s a dig at Luca, Jacques and Davide respectively, ICYMI), Dami is a shining light.

He did get slightly lucky with the whole Amber/Ikenna situation, but let’s just gloss over that one shall we and give him the benefit of the doubt. Or, maybe we should wait until Casa Amor to be safe in our adoration because as we said… we have been burned before (MICHAEL).

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