Inside The Strictly Come Dancing Cast’s WhatsApp Group Chat

If you've ever wondered what the contestants chat about behind the scenes - here's the answer.


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Strictly Come Dancing is just days away and the anticipation is almost too much. On Saturday the celebritieswill be lacing up their dancing shoes and hitting the dance floor. The cast this year seem like very close friends already. Many cast members have already told Grazia how much the group have all 'bonded' before the curtain even opened. So, for this year's cast although this is a competition, it's clear it's also about having a shared experience amongst new friends.

BBC Countryfile's Hamza Yassin told us, 'We are all in it together. We are all having and going through the same feelings and are all here to have a good time.' Kiss FM DJ Tyler West said, 'I'm inviting myself to Christmas dinner at his [Hamaza's] house' Hamza added,' We've made 14 new friends.' The cast are actually so close that they even have a 'very active'WhatsApp group chat.

Hamza told Grazia, 'It's nice because we're all in one big WhatsApp group where we talk a lot. From questions like has anyone got makeup wipes? Or someone will say, "Oh I'm in the bath having an ice bath," then that will remind someone they need to get ice for theirs too.' He added, 'Is there competition between us all? No, it's more like healthy rivalry.'

Radio presenter andX-Factor starFleur Eastadmitted, 'The WhatsApp group is popping off.' Singer Matt Goss chimed in, 'She's the leader of the group. I don't know anything about what's going on I just watch it.' Fleur responded, 'He's just like a by-stander watching from the side. Then every now and then you'll get a voice note from Matt.' Matt added,' It's like reading a novel. Someone will just pop up saying, "I need an iron, anyone got one?"'

'It's very active if you keep you eye off it [the chat] for 10 minutes there's like 60 messages. We're all in it and it's really funny,' Fleur added. But if they get eliminated will contestants have to leave the beloved WhatsApp group? To which they all said instantly, 'No!' Tyler questioned, ' Do WhatsApp still notify the group when someone leaves the group chat?' Upon learning that this feature is in fact no more, they all were in disbelief. After pondering on it Hamza said, 'No I won't be leaving it.' Tyler added, 'I'll be in the Strictly group chat forever.' Well, let's see if the same friendly attitude remains once the battle for the glitter ball trophy is in full swing...

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