Turns Out Love Island’s Bathroom Situation Is Really Unhygienic

Sanam Harrinanan recently revealed that there are only two toilets and one shower on site

Love Island Hygiene

by Daisy Hall |
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Although the Love Island villa seems like a dreamy summer holiday destination, the reality of living with 12 other Islanders in the Mediterranean sun is a little different.

Especially since the contestants apparently have just one shower and two toilets to share between them all.

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Yep, Winter Love Island 2023 winner Sanam Harrinanan made this shocking - and quite frankly disgusting – revelation during a recent podcast appearance.

She explained, ‘The only thing that really made me think, “I wanna go home” is whenever I’d go to the toilet and I’d see the toilet seat lifted up and just pee all over the floor and seat.’

Apparently the shower situation isn’t any better…

Sick bags at the ready?

The former social worker continued, ‘I’d go into the shower and everyone’s got their scrubby dubby things – whatever you call them - and razors. I’d use my razor and put it away in my little basket thing, but in the shower there are about 12 different razors and some of those razors had hair on them.’

‘I used to hate going into that shower because I would think, “Who’s shaving and not like tapping it or like washing it?”’

Honestly we can’t think of anything worse!

And it seems like viewers are in the same mindset with many of them claiming that Sanam’s announcement as well as all the strict rules and regulations in the villa - including the fact that they have to ask to use the toilet and can’t sit inside during the day - would take away from the whole experience.

It’s not the first time that that Love Island villa’s lack of hygiene has come under fire.

Back in 2018, a former contestant – who wished to remain anonymous – told The Sun that the supposedly luxury accommodation had been invested with bugs.

They said, ‘There are ants all over the kitchen, crawling all over food – trails of them are going towards the bread and fruits. The nastiest thing is rats. Some people don’t care, but others found it really horrible.

‘If they bothered cleaning up after themselves it wouldn’t be going on. It’s filthy.’

A source for ITV however later debunked the claims stating, ‘The villa is cleaned on a regular basis.’

We weren’t keen to appear on the dating show anyway, but the lack of hygiene in there makes it a definite no - we'll stick to the dating apps thanks!

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