Gogglebox’s Giles And Mary Have Broken The Internet With Their Throwback Photos

They look like Hugh Grant and Stevie Nicks

Giles and Mary Gogglebox

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It didn’t take long for Giles Wood and Mary Killen to win us over on Gogglebox. His chaotic energy, her deadpan reactions and their joint eccentricity have seen countless moments of TV gold created from their brightly upholstered armchairs in Wiltshire—remember when they both spontaneously started playing 'Frère Jacques on the recorder?

And it might not be a surprise to know that Giles and Mary have always been iconic. This week, TikTok users lost their minds over a compilation of throwback photos of the couple from their youth.

‘I want what they have, nutty,’ wrote the slideshow creator in the caption as Everything You Got by Ten Tonnes played over the montage of Giles and Mary on their wedding day, in the countryside, and posed in a series of black and white portraits.

The pictures are both gorgeous and effortlessly cool. Like something out of a Richard Curtis film, their outfits switch between loose shirts and messy hair to suit tailcoats and statement hats. At the start of their romance almost 40 years ago, Mary still sported her signature choppy fringe with an air of edginess that Alexa Chung radiates today.

‘I thought it was Hugh Grant in the first one!’ wrote one TikTok user of young Giles. ‘She kinda looks Stevie Nicks-ish too,’ commented another about Mary. Other fans also made comparisons to David Bowie, Lindsay Buckingham, Francis Bourgeois, Fleetwood Mac and Victoria Coren.

Giles has previously shared the black and white photos with Mary on Instagram, and told his followers of the snaps: ‘Throwback shots, Giles and Mary, circa 1986.’ He’s also posted the shot of them sipping wine in the countryside, which lefts fans comparing them to Made In Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock and his wife Emma Louise Connolly.

But while the internet can’t seem to decide which celebrities Giles and Mary look like most, there’s one thing everyone’s certain of — their relationship looks adorable. ‘I love these two,’ one fan wrote. ‘Love them on Gogglebox, can’t believe they were this hot!’

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