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35 Of The Best High Street Wedding Dresses For Under £699

© French Connection

Two years ago, ASOS launched their very own bridal collection and just like that, the wedding industry was forever changed. The very thought that a bride-to-be could buy her wedding dress for £150 was revolutionary, and the idea that the whole wedding-dress-shopping-day-out debacle could be bypassed altogether? For many, a veritable dream come true.

High Street Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

There’s no question that expensive wedding dresses don’t have their place too; the craftsmanship, the hours of labour that go into each dress, we totally get it. Happily though, the whole prospect of getting married has now been made much more affordable, and buying a wedding dress no longer has to cost six month’s rent. Where ASOS led the way, the rest of the high street has followed suit (ok that’s an exaggeration, not all of the high street but Monsoon, John Lewis, Debenhams and French Connection to name a few), and whether you’re a Whistles girl, or French Connection through and through, you’ll find bridal collections out there on the high street for you.

Picking a wedding dress can be a traumatic affair - especially if you're plus-size or looking for an alternative or affordable wedding dress. However, the stuffiness of bridal boutiques is punctured by the accessibility of the high street's offering, which offers surprisingly practical options, like long sleeve dress or designs with built-in bras. Where the higher end labels are beholden to trends, it seems the high street are able to give brides what they really want.

Alternative And Affordable High Street Wedding Dresses

While these are all very definitely high street brands, let it be known that the price points for each one varies massively. On the most affordable side you’ll find Quiz, who just launched their first bridal collection this year. All of their wedding dresses, even the full length ones amazingly come in under £80. H&M, meanwhile, have also added bridal dressing (and wedding guest outfits, too) to their extensive offering this year: one style even drew comparisons to Kate Middleton's wedding gown, thanks to its long lace-embellished sleeves.

At the other end of the spectrum you’ll find the elegant Whistles wedding gowns, all of which have sweet and stylish little details like ruffles and pleats, where dresses come in around the £600 mark. All let's left for you to do is to find...the one. Simple as that, right?

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