This Love Island Tweet Has Got Everyone Thinking About Gemma Owen’s Age

Wait, she was how old when the pandemic started?

How old is Gemma Owen

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

Since this season of Love Island began there’s been one big question everyone has been Googling: ‘How old is Gemma Owen?’ At 19-years-old, the daughter of Michael Owen is one of the youngest ever contestants to enter the villa and the age gap between her and the men she’s been coupling up with has had many fans of the show talking on social media.

Back when they were partnered together, there were seven (almost eight) years between Gemma and Davide. And when discussing the potential difference in their maturity and life-stage levels Gemma dismissed any worries by revealing she’d dated older men in the past without any problems at all.

Which got Twitter user @@bg_bookclub thinking... and the rest of the internet talking.

‘On a real level. Gemma turned 19 last month,’ they pointed out in a now viral Tweet. ‘She was 15/16 when the pandemic started. When was she talking to these guys older that Davide? I'll call social services you know.'

The personified answer to this very question then walked into the villa: Gemma’s ex-boyfriend Jacques O’Neill. While expressing her shock that her ex was now living with her for the summer, Gemma revealed they’d broken up a year and a half ago and were in a relationship for eight months.

Twitter then erupted with quick maths: ‘Gemma just turned 19 and broke up with this man 1.5 years ago when she was 17 and a half,’ wrote one user. ‘She dated him for 8 months which mean[s] she started dating this man at 16 when he was 20??????’

‘OMG it gets worse,’ another person added. ‘She was still in school, and he was like 21?! Nah sorry mate but that’s all kinds of wrong,’ while the comedian Michael Fry chimed in: ‘Must be weird for Jacques. He hasn’t seen Gemma since she was a child.’

At 19-years-old, Gemma (who calls herself ‘old fashioned) is one of the youngest Love Island contestants of all time— beaten only by Amelia Peters, who was 18 years old when she took part in the third series.


Love Island cast Instagram 2022

Paige Thorne Love Island 2022
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CREDIT: © ITV Pictures

Age: 24
From: Swansea
Occupation: Paramedic
Instagram: [paigethornex]({:rel=nofollow :target=_blank}

Dami Hope Love Island 2022
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Age: 26
From: Dublin
Occupation: Senior Microbiologist
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Indiyah Polack Love Island 2022
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Age: 23
From: London
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Liam Llewellyn
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Age: 22
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Tasha Ghouri
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Davide Sanclimenti
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Age: 27
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Occupation: Business Manager
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Gemma Owen
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Age: 19
From: Chester
Occupation: International Dressage Rider and Business Owner
Instagram: [gemowendressage_](\_){:rel=nofollow :target=_blank} and [gemowen_1](\_1/?hl=en){:rel=nofollow :target=_blank}

Ikenna Ekwonna
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Andrew Le Page
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Amber Beckford
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Age: 24
From: London
Occupation: Nanny
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Luca Bish
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Age: 23
From: Brighton
Occupation: Fishmonger
Instagram: [lucabish]({:rel=nofollow :target=_blank}

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