Everything You Need To Know About Louise Bonsall – Gemma Owen’s Mum

Love Island Gemma's parents Michael and Louise Bonsall, are childhood sweethearts.

Louise Owen and Gemma Owen Love Island

by Aaliyah Harry |

Love Island Gemma's parents Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall, are childhood sweethearts.

Love Island viewers are now clued up on who Gemma Owen's famous footballer father, Michael Owen is. However, many are not as knowledgeable about her mother – Louise Bonsall. Since everyone is searching for 'Gemma Owen's mum,' we have all the inside knowledge for you.

Last night on Love Island during a game of Never Have I Ever, Gemma's ex Jacques O'Neill posed the question 'Never have I ever fancied my partners mum.' Jacques then took a big swig of his drink whilst staring directly at Gemma, implying that he had. Of course, Gemma looked mortified and said, 'Oh for f*ck sake.' Gemma's current partner Luca Bish was very amused and relayed, 'Gemma's got a good looking mum apparently.'

While Gemma has admitted her dad's destain surrounding her decision to enter the ITV2 dating show - she has said her mum, Louise, is a lot more supportive. She also told Grazia before entering the villa about her 'super close relationship' with her mum. Gemma said, 'Me and my mum especially have an amazing relationship. So, I'll definitely miss her and I'll miss not being able to talk to her for advice - I think that'll be really challenging for me.' She continued, 'Even on dates - when I go out with a new person, I'll straight away tell my mum every single detail of what we spoke about. So, it's going to be really different not having her to talk to.'

So who is Louise Bonsall? Here's everything you need to know:

Who is Louise Bonsall?

Louise Bonsall is the wife of Michael Owen and mother of Love Island's Gemma Owen. Horse Dresser Gemma, must get her love of horses from her mother as Louise is a keen equestrian - with a passion for rescuing retired racehorses. The Love Island star's mum founded Manor House Stables in Cheshire in 2007 and later expanded in 2009.

Gemma's mum started riding horses at the age of seven alongside her brother Andrew on the weekend. Over time her passion for riding grew and she soon started assisting at riding schools and helping out with friends horses.

How did Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall meet?

Michael and Louise are childhood sweethearts – aw! The long-time couple first met in primary school while at Hawarden High School in Flintshire, Wales, back in 1984. In a romantic proposal the couple got engaged on Valentine's Day in 2004, which is also Louise's birthday. They tied the knot in a small private ceremony at Garden Park Hotel in Chester and the childhood sweethearts have been together ever since. The couple have been married now fr 17 years.

Did Louise Bonsall have a horse riding accident?

Louise suffered from a horrifying horse riding accident in 2004. Whilst riding a horse named Isobelle, she fell off after it reared up and landed on top of her. Louise broke her back in two places and her hip and pelvis in five places and she spent weeks at the Countess of Chester Hospital recovering.

After she slowly recovered from the awful incident, she left riding behind and shifted to rehabilitating horses and became a patron of the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre.

This was not the first horse riding incident Louise suffered. At just 15 years old she was thrown from a horse, breaking her femur; which led to another horse riding break during her late teens.

How many children do Louise and Michael Owen have together?

Alongside Love islander Gemma, 19 - the happy couple are also parents to James, 16, Emily, 14 and Jessica, 12.They are one big happy family and according to Gemma are 'all very close.' The islander told Grazia about her close knit family, 'My family's thoughts and opinions are in the front of my mind because we are all super close, so they're definitely the most important people to me.' On Gemma's 19th birthday Louise posted a sweet image of them on Instagram with the caption,'Happy 19th Birthday to this beautiful Queen. No words can describe how proud I am of you and what exciting times are ahead for you.' Perhaps the Love Island news was already on the horizon...

While dad Michael may have earned million during his time as a superstar footballer, he and wife Louise have always ensured Love Islander Gemma and their other children truly appreciate the value of money. The ex- footballer previously explained to the press that he told his kids to go work at a 'pub down the road' if they're after a bit of extra cash.

Speaking on the Walk The Dog podcast, the former footballer said,'It's really difficult from a parent's point of view. You want to give your children the best start and the best chance. But you're always wrestling with the fact that if I just make it so easy, and I can do this and do that, is she going to learn from any mistakes? You want money that much - there's a pub down the road, go and work behind the bar or something. That's my view.'

Gemma Rose, Louise's eldest child , was born 1 May 2003. Louise then gave birth to her second child, James Michael, on 6 February 2006. Her second daughter Emily May was born in October 2007 and lastly Jessica, was born in February 2010.

Where does Louise Bonsall live?

On Love Island Islander Gemma Owen said On Love Island Islander Gemma Owen revealed she lives in a house ‘big enough for 12 horses’. The mum of four lives with her whole family in a mansion in Wales. Their A Grade II listed country manor known as Lower Soughton Hall,is worth £4 million. It includes a swimming pool with a waterfall – like something out of Center Parcs – not too shabby!

Does Louise Bonsall have Instagram?

Yes! While some WAGs chase the fame, Louise has stayed out of the spotlight - preferring to lead a private life rather than aspiring to become a celebrity. However, the mum-of-four often shares glimmers of her life with her family and glamorous holidays on Instagram. Since her daughter's Love Island stint her following has dramatically increased from the 8,000 mark to just over 10,000 followers.

What has Michael Owen said about his marriage with Louise Bonsall?

In Michael Owen's book he details the highs and lows within his marriage. The novel titled, Reboot: My Life, My Time, the book talks about his professional football career and his personal life with his wife Louise Bonsall and their four kids. He explains, 'For years, because of my own inner demons, I was intentionally really hard on Louise about subjects that I knew would push her buttons most — not least her close relationship with our daughter Gemma,' the footballer said. 'Let me be very clear and say that none of this was in any way a reflection on how I felt about either Gemma or Louise. I love them both with all of me.' He went on to further explain that he would 'take everything out on Louise', but especially the amount of time she spent with Gemma while 'ignoring the other kids.' He later admitted that,'It wasn't even true.' Michael went though a marriage counsellor to help him sort through his issues and said the 'whole process was a revelation.'

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