Love Island Producers Shouldn’t Have To Remind Us That Isn’t Okay To Body-Shame Curtis Pritchard

(The same as it wouldn't be alright to body-shame any of the women)


by Bonnie McLaren |

Love Island bosses have hit back following stories reporting Curtis Pritchard’s alleged weight gain, saying that it’s ‘incredibly irresponsible that any Islander would be body-shamed in this way’, especially when there have been 'calls for body diversity'.

The producers’ comments follow reports that the dancer requested new clothes, after he has allegedly gaining weight (like most people would) during his eight weeks in the villa.

Also in response to the nasty comments online, a spokesperson told The Mirror Online, ‘It is incredibly irresponsible that any Islander would be body-shamed in this way and we would always discourage anyone from making appearance-based comments that could be hurtful to the islanders and their families.’

They added, ‘It is astonishing that there have been calls for body diversity yet an islander who has allegedly put on weight is now being trolled because of it.’

And, of course, the bosses are correct. We learnt a long time ago that body shaming women isn’t acceptable, and it should go without saying that it isn’t alright to do the same thing to men. We all know we would be appalled if similar comments were made about Amber or Maura or India - and so we shouldn’t have to be reminded that it isn’t okay to say the same thing about Curtis.

As one viewer tweeted, ‘I’m seeing so many tweets from people fat shaming Curtis for “gaining weight” in the villa? Imagine the outrage if people were saying this about the girls, but it’s apparently fine because he’s a guy? Double standards are never okay.’

Even though it recently hit the news that most women prefer men with 'dad bods', that doesn’t mean that men like singer Nick Jonas and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa still haven’t been subject to recent cruel trolling over their figures. Male body shaming needs to stop, both inside - and outside - the villa.

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