Maura Brought All The BDE That Love Island Desperately Needed And It Made This Year’s Show

Her addition to the group of Islanders deserves awards for how it's saved this Love Island season...

Love Island Maura Higgins

by Georgia Aspinall |

Let’s be honest, this series of Love Island has been rather lacklustre to say the least. Despite the early love triangle, the emotional manipulation from Joe, Curtis and Michael and even Sherif’s shock exit, the season has remained pretty…well, boring. The banter between contestants that we’ve come to love just isn’t there, and save for a few awkward chats there has been little to be entertained by.

Enter, Maura Higgins. 28-year-old Irish model and all-around firecracker of a woman, Maura came into the villa with the unapologetic BDE the season was desperately craving, ready to take what she wants regardless of the drama it causes. Serving us a mix of Megan Barton-Hanson and Kady McDermott energy, her confidence, sexual expression and apathy for what anyone thinks has had everyone dubbing her the saviour of Love Island 2019.

‘Maura has been rushed to hospital tonight with severe back pains after carrying the entire series of #LoveIsland 2019,’ one Twitter user joked to over 7,000 likes. ‘Maura coming in the villa has completely saved this year’s Love Island,’ another added to near 5,000 likes. In fact, the entire Love Island Twittersphere was filled with Maura meme’s, celebrating her as a ‘bad bitch’ and wishing to have the same energy she does in dating.

What was most refreshing about it though wasn’t the hilarious memes, but the simple fact that people were actually rejoicing a woman being so sexually forward and fearless. Social media may be an echo chamber for what we believe, but even when you search Maura’s name on Twitter there are far more people enjoying her brazen forwardness than there are sexist or slut-shaming remarks. It’s something we don’t often see when women like Maura appear on screen, with Megan Barton-Hanson facing tons of sexist criticism for similar confidence last year.

Especially, on platforms like Twitter, that have been the focus of women’s rights campaigns by Amnesty International, who dubbed it a ‘toxic place for women’ where violence and abuse against them flourishes. And while yes, there have been viral tweets that are flagrantly sexist about Maura (‘nah Maura is the type of girl that gets with your boyfriend and somehow manages to make you blame him’ one user tweeted to over 8,000 likes), the majority of viewers seem to be embracing her for what would typically be deemed masculine characteristics (it’s called big dick energy for a reason).

It must be said, though, that a lot of her support is coming out of disdain for another female contestant, Molly-Mae. The 20-year-old influencer caused a stir in the villa largely for doing the same thing Maura did, albeit less explicitly, and her personality was seen to visibly annoy other Islanders throughout the show.

Would we be celebrating Maura’s audaciousness in the same way if, initially she gone after a a coupled-up Islander that we were rooting for? Probably not.

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You can’t masturbate

With rumours swirling that Sherif was booted from the villa for masturbating in the shower, The Sun reported that he would 'spend hours' in there - however, he wasn't necessarily masturbating himself. 'When producers told Islanders they have to get ready to film a challenge, Sherif was deliberately spending ages in the shower. He said he couldn't be bothered,' the source said. Avoiding challenges or participating in some healthy self-care? All we know is 2 months without masturbating is a long time to go...

With that in mind, it seems likely our love for Maura could stem from the desire to see one over-confident woman fall in the face of another, in competition for a man whom, let’s be honest, is in no way a deserving match for either of them. While we can enjoy the entertainment that has finally come from Maura’s addition to the villa, it is important to check your internal misogyny when celebrating one woman’s defeat of another online. Because ultimately, while Love Island may be a competition, if the prize is a man, we must ask whether either of them are really winning.

Not that we want to see an end to Maura’s immense BDE - not only do we need more unapologetically fierce women in Love Island, but in the world too. While viewers have been left unconvinced by her relationship with Curtis - frankly we'd be happy to see her take home the £50,000 for herself. Now that would be BDE.

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