Love Island: Anton Danyluk’s Mystery Illness Has Finally Been Revealed

The islander had to be taken to hospital and placed on a drip


by Bonnie McLaren |

Remember when Anton had to mysteriously leave the Love Island villa for a day?

Well - following last night's dumping from the villa, where he left with his partner Belle Hassan - Anton has now finally addressed his time away.

The Sun Online reports that the islander had to be taken to hospital and placed on a drip, after exercising while he was dehydrated.

The gym owner - who was missing from the villa on July 17 - told the website, ‘It turned out I was a little bit dehydrated.

‘I was drinking loads of water, but I must stress that ITV checked you are drinking enough every single day, they check you once and then again at dinner time.

‘The problem was I was training in the heat, and I was drinking a lot of coffee, so it was just overnight they had to rehydrate me and put a drip in me.’

‘With regards to me going back it was amazing, it gave me time to miss everyone in that period of time,’ he added.

He also confessed that the number he gave to a shop assistant was fake - and that his 'wandering eye' (which became his catchphrase in his introductory VT) wouldn't disrupt his relationship with Belle.

'With regards to giving out my number it was a complete banter thing, if it was any consolation the number was not real and was just banter for the guys,' he said.

'As you can see I fuck up a lot, but I’m consistent with it, and it was purely banter with it.

'With regards to me and Belle I am a changed man in terms of I would never cheat, I want to see where mine and Belle’s relationship goes, and I’m going to give it a really good shot.'

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