Big Brother: Here’s Why Zak And Henry Deserve To Be Up For Eviction

They won't be sorely missed...

Big Brother week two nominees – Zak and Henry

by Nikki Peach |
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Two weeks in and one eviction down, you'd think the Big Brother house mates would be starting to ease into life with each other. Then you remember it's a social experiment where sixteen people are voluntarily trapped in a house under 24 hour surveillance, and you can understand why they're already losing the plot.

Instead of finding their feet in their new home, cracks are forming within the group. Some people are taking more than their fair share of Sun Bites, others are breaking the rules, and let's be honest, everyone is guilty of being passive aggressive.

Who is up for eviction on Big Brother?

So, who is up for eviction on Big Brother? This week, it's resident posh boy Henry Southan and Manchester model Zak Srakaew, having received the most nominations from their fellow house mates. As was the case last week with Farida Khalifa and Kerry Riches, viewers are divided on who should go. For me though? I'd have them both out.

Personalities aside, both of them have exhibited problematic behaviour and have proved to be far from ideal people to live with. Henry, a proud Conservative voter who claims he voted for Boris Johnson because he's the person he'd most like to have a martini with, has repeatedly failed to help with the domestic tasks around the house. In his VT before entering the house, he said he hoped to gain some essential life skills from his experience on the show as he never learnt to cook or clean during his time at boarding school.

However, lots of his fellow house mates seem to have grown tired of his laissez faire approach to house work. In such a confined space full of big personalities and shared responsibilities, doing nothing is a punishable offence.

Then we have his opponent Zak, who despite claiming to get along with everyone has made an alarming number of sexist remarks on the show. During Wednesday's episode, he told Trish Balusa and Olivia Young he wouldn't be criticised by 'two women' when they confronted him for always starting debates and never wanting to finish them. He then told them his comment wasn't sexist, when they – as two women – felt it was.

He later said to Noky Simbani, 'Oi, come here' and when she walked over to him he said, 'See what I mean? When I ask people to come to me, they always come to me.' He then 'jokingly' boasted that he has power over women, tackled Noky to the sofa and said, 'Sit there and be a good girl'. This exchange could have been seen as light-hearted if it wasn't for the several other misogynistic comments he'd already made, with many viewers expressing discomfort at the scene.

When it was revealed that Henry and Zak had been nominated – with Henry receiving four nominations and Zak receiving five – they were both understandably disappointed. Henry seemed shocked and disappointed and told the diary room he's only 'been himself', while Zak opted for a more defensive approach and said to Henry, 'may the best man win'.

In many ways, both Zak and Henry seem to have superiority complexes. Henry doesn't understand that his sweeping comments and refusal to help with daily tasks are what have put him up for eviction, and Zak doesn't realise that he can be a domineering figure in the house – particularly towards women. On such an intense show that invites so much scrutiny from the public, whatever happens in tonight's eviction could be a blessing in disguise.

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