Here Are The Best Airbnb’s In Europe Offering Discounts On Long Term Stays

A month or two in Paris is cheaper than ever? Call us Emily.

Airbnb long term rentals

by Georgia Aspinall |

Like birds flying south for the winter, British people are dreaming of abandoning their homes for warmer climates right now. Or at least, they're hoping to. A 2020 survey by OnePoll found that 51% of UK office workers were considering living elsewhere for lockdown and hope to afterwards. Basically, we're all desperate to find the best Airbnb in Europe for a long term stay (or forever... who knows?).

While travel restrictions still apply, there's no reason you can't plan ahead - even if it means escaping for an entire month in the summer. Many European destinations will also require a quarantine that British people are more than happy to oblige, judging by these statistics.

With that in mind, Airbnb hosts are offering discounted monthly stays for anyone looking to rent abroad on a long term basis - when we're allowed to leave the UK.

And so, we've scoured the platform for the best long term Airbnb stays around Europe offering those all important monthly discounts. From luxurious Portuguese townhouses with private pools to charming studios in Paris, we can't say we're not tempted to pack up our laptops and head abroad for a so-called workation this summer.

Can I work from a long term Airbnb rental?

If you're thinking of planning a long-term Airbnb stay when travel restrictions lift, you may be concerned about how easy it is to work from your European hideaway. Enter: the workation. 'What is a workation?' I hear you ask. So familiar with checking our emails while we lie on the beach, the workation is not your average, 'let me just take this work call before dinner' holiday. It's a solution to our lockdown woes, a chance to escape your four walls and live somewhere you've always dreamed of. Because, as working from home becomes the norm, so does remote working.

According to a 2020 New York Times and Morning Consult survey, one in three remote workers said they would move to somewhere new should the current remote working trends continue. And while you may not want to completely uproot your life in the UK, renting an Airbnb on a long-term basis is the ideal balance. When all you really need is wifi, they're equipped with everything you could ever want including a sandy beach during your lunchtime break.

Think about it, renting an Airbnb long-term means you get to live out your freelance dreams in that romantic town you long to stay for more than a week each summer. You may still face local lockdown measures in Europe, of course, but having missed our normal summers of weeks away and festivals galore, a few months in Spain even without the wistful holiday romance sounds like a dream.

So, while you ponder what work clothes can also double as your holiday wardrobe, here are the best long term rentals on Airbnb for when we're allowed to leave the UK...

13 of the best long term Airbnb rentals in Europe with monthly discounts


Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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At £114 per night, this glorious one bedroom townhouse would normally cost over £3200 to rent for the month. But, with a 50% discount on monthly stays, book for the entire month of November and you can get this for £1,648. While it only has the one bed, it accommodates up to four guests and with such a beautiful private pool your friends will be jumping to couch-surf for a month.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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This two bedroom townhouse sleeps up to four and with a 55% monthly discount would normally cost over £1800 but is on offer for £813. With access to a private rear yard and wonderful roof terrace, we can see ourselves sipping sangria all November long with this one.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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Another beauty without monthly availability until mid-January, this quirky Güímar getaway is a studio sleeping up to two people. At £911 per month, you're paying quite a bit for the rustic aesthetic, but with the ocean just 50m from the apartment (that's right, you'll have a view with your morning coffee) it's tempting for a real escape from city life.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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With such high-demand for this three bedroom villa, you may have to wait until January before you can get this glorious Italian escape to yourself for an entire month. But should you, you'll enjoy a 15% discount (they also offer a weekly discount of 7%) with a monthly price of £812. It's worth the wait though, this eco-friendly oasis of green sits in the centre of Sicily, surrounded by Nebrodi mountains in the heart of a Nature Reserve with dreamy views.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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This one bedroom beauty in Rome has a discount of 47% at £942 per month.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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This adorable studio sits between Disneyland and central Paris, hosting up to two guests. You can stay for a month or longer as soon as November 3rd with a 31% discount making it £924 for the month.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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Yes, regardless of the reviews, Emily in Paris has absolutely convinced us to spend the winter among our Parisien neighbours. This charming one-bedroom flat has a 31% discount at £973 for the month, available for longer stays in January. Located near Montmarte, Pigalle and Saint Lazare, it's ideal for anyone needing a French escape filled with culture, food and lots of alcohol right now.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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Available for monthly stays from January, this two bedroom flat hosts up to five and with a 32% discount is only £785. Hey, split five ways that's a bargain for this bright and spacious apartment with a beautiful balcony to match.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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This glorious Italian escape sleeps up to four for just £855 per month with a 34% discount. With a garden to enjoy the sun, it's available for long term stays this month!

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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This one bedroom flat can host up to three and with a monthly discount of 49% it's available before the month is out for just £853 per month. Centrally located overlooking the old Fortress and Garitsa Bay, it's a 10 minute walk along the waterfront to the centre of town.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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Stay in this dreamy Italian apartment as soon as next week for an entire month's discounted stay of £1,203. Sleeping up to three, the adorable escape has a patio to enjoy breakfast in the sun before a nature-filled day exploring Baunei's mountains or a relaxing day on it's many whitesand beaches.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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This traditional 1850's stone house sleeps up to six for £739 a month with a 35% discount. Renovated to bring a contemporary feel, it has a dreamy patio to lounge with your morning coffee while enjoying Greece's warmer climate in the winter months.

Best Discount Airbnb Long Term Rentals In Europe - Grazia
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This two-bedroom apartment sleeps up to five at a monthly discount of 38% making it £874, available from January onwards for long term stays. In the heart of Lisbon's old city centre, it has a patio and garden to enjoy the sun while the cold creeps into England.

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