The Grazia Christmas Gift Guide Has Landed!

The Grazia Christmas Gift Guide Has Landed!

    By Grazia Posted 15 days ago

    As with everything this year, this year it feels like the ante has been truly upped for Christmas. Maybe it’s the impending doom of Brexit, maybe it’s the fact that even Strictly Come Dancing has been pretty meh this year, maybe it’s the weather, but what’s clear is that we’re determined to make December as big a deal as possible. And that all starts now with your Christmas gift list. Whether you’re after something really great to thank you mum for all the emotional support (and free childcare) she’s bestowed upon you this year, or you want to get your dog something truly fantastic to show your appreciation for all Insta likes he’s racked up for over 2018, we’ve got it covered…

    Christmas Gift Guides For Your Friends

    When did buying Christmas gifts for friends become such a headache? Perhaps around the time group chats came into existence. Finding presents for friends now comes with a 30-message thread and a lot of mass deliberation. Before you find yourself knee-deep in notifications, consider getting a gift for her from this list.

    Whether you want to splurge or just give your pal a token, here are 14 must-have, hand-picked items to get you started. There’s chocolate for the pal who just can’t say no, a jade roller for the BFF with a beauty addiction and a year-planner from that girlfriend that can never remember when you planned to meet up. Between family, sisters and sisters-in-law and all those Secret Santas you promised to take part in, shopping this time of year can feel like an overwhelming affair, but at least this gift your can get from the comfort of your laptop.

    Christmas gifts for boyfriends (hipster dads, male BFFs)

    It can seem impossible to shop for the men in your life, which is why we’ve put together an edit of the best gifts for boyfriends, dads and best friends. Men are fickle creatures, just like us, easily tempted by the hottest gadget and coolest new togs, it’s just a matter of finding a present that’s not too obvious. We like to shop at Aesop and Tom Ford for male grooming, Napajiri and Stone Island for stylish gifts and Shinola for the unexpected and rather generous new hobby.

    So where do you start in buying Christmas gifts for the most important men in your life? Lucky for you, we’ve got ideas! Click on through for the best gifts to give the guys this Christmas.

    Christmas gift ideas for your mum to thank her for all the emotional support this year

    If there’s one person you can’t forget to splurge on this Christmas, it’s your mum. God knows she deserves to be spoilt after a year of last-minute childcare, career (and relationship) advice (sometimes unsolicited, yes, but not always…) and general emotional support. But what to buy the woman who is reliably vague when it comes to gift suggestions (is it really Christmas if your mum doesn’t answer your increasingly frantic requests for gift ideas with something along the lines of ‘Oh, I don’t really need any presents this year’) It’s an age-old struggle.

    So, what’s it going to be? Whether she’s a food fan, a sucker for luxury beauty, or someone who loves to stay in and get cosy on the sofa, take a look at our edit of the best Christmas gift ideas for mum…

    Christmas gifts for your dad that definitely aren’t socks

    Dads are tricky to buy for when it comes to Christmas, and many are set to spend this festive season as the victim of yet another cufflink gifting. Spare a thought then for father dearest this year and give him something he actually wants.

    The best personalised Christmas gifts for your BFF who already has everything

    You know the Christmas present buying panic has set in when all your gifts arrive in one massive Amazon order. If you’re struggling to find something to give your friends and family with a more personal touch, worry not, as there are now so many fun, novelty, luxury and charming presents that come with a bespoke element this year.

    Christmas beauty set gift ideas

    Stuck on ideas for Christmas presents? Well, look no further than Grazia’s gifting edit of the best and most beautiful gift sets that house everything from skincare gifts to haircare and makeup gift sets. And this year, even more brands have got on board unveiling their limited edition, curated selection of hero products in one handy bundle of. So, whether you’re shopping for a loved one, or want to top up your own wish list, see the best beauty gift sets below…

    Christmas gifts for children (and parents) will approve of

    If you’ve got a clutch of presents for kids to tick off your to-do list this December, worry not. The under-12s, after all, go in for Christmas in a big way. Remember all those hours you spent painstakingly circling gift ideas in the Argos catalogue? These days, kids probably do the same thing (but, you know, they probably use iPads or something…) So, you probably won’t be short of gift inspiration, because, at this stage in the festive season, the children in question will almost certainly have fired off at least 25 messages to Santa Claus. All you need is a few surprises to keep them guessing until December 25th - and that’s where we come in.

    Give your dog the Christmas gift they deserve this year

    You’ve done the research, you’ve just about ticked everyone off your extensive gift list, but there’s just one more family member to buy for… and it’s the dog. Is it wrong that this is probably our favourite bit? When it comes to our canine friends, you don’t have to worry about so much about the potential rejection – is it funny enough? Is it too funny? Is it really them? – because you can be pretty certain that each of these pet present options will inspire pure joy in our four-legged friends. You know where you are with dogs, after all. Whether it’s your pet or a dog owner you’re buying for, scroll through our pick of the best gifts to give this Christmas…

    Gin-based Christmas gifts for all the G&T enthusiasts in your life

    Let’s be honest, gin-lovers are the vegans of the alcohol world. If you dare whisper that you’ve tried gin but you’re not quite sure about it, be prepared for torrents of abuse, judgemental stares and cries of ‘what is wrong with you?!’ Because it’s not enough to quite like the occasional G&T, to truly love gin, you’ve got to be a proper enthusiast.

    The best non-boring, actually useful tech gifts for Christmas

    Oh, the world of tech is a funny one. Forever moving forward, we can’t keep up.

    But for those who can, there’s always a new gadget to yearn over and the latest nifty invention to neeeeeed. Feeling perplexed as to where to start? Don’t blame you. But we’re here to help and playing Santa’s little helper

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