Fun And Interactive Toys For Two-Year-Olds

Aid your toddler’s development with the best toys for two-year-olds.

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Your baby is now two and you’re most likely wondering where the time went, right? Your little one is now officially out of baby territory, they’re growing quickly, and you’ll have probably noticed they’re growing out of their baby toys and craving something new to explore. The question is, what do you buy a toddler who has (almost) everything?

Whether you’re looking for a gift idea for a special occasion or think your little one’s toys need an upgrade, we’ve got the guide for you. Plus, some great tips on what to look for in toys to aid your baby’s development. Let's dive in...

What are the best toys to buy for two-year-old children?

By the age of two, you’ll notice your baby is making an active effort to do things more independently, but realise they need your help to do some things too. Their language skills are improving quickly, and they know how to make their needs and wants to be known to you. Their imagination is also starting to develop, for this pretend-to-play toys are great and any educational toy that can help your tot develop their confidence is a plus.

According to child development expert, Dr Amanda Gummer from The Good Play Guide, toys are very beneficial to toddler development: 'Toys have two main functions for young children – stimulating the child and encouraging them to play and explore their environment and develop skills such as fine motor skills, concentration and communication.

'And also, to make the adults around the child more playful and likely to engage positively with the young child thus further promoting healthy development and strengthening attachment.'

In terms of the best kind of toys to buy a two-year-old, Dr Gummer thinks games that a toddler can play both individually and with other children are the best, 'Children move from playing alongside other children with minimal interaction to playing with them, either competing with them or collaborating with them.

'Play sets that they can play alone and with friends are great, as are simple board games and toys that increase children’s confidence with numbers and letters are good to introduce around this age.'

The best toys to help your baby’s development and education at two years old will:

Improve their language skills: Pretend play and dressing up are great ways to work their imagination and get them to be creative. Educational toys with numbers and letters are great to be introduced from the age of two, look out for toys that make learning as fun and rewarding as possible.

Help develop fine motor skills: Painting, puzzles and anything where they use their brain and hands to match colours or shapes are great, as well as encouraging your child to get messy with colours. Construction toys like train sets are also great for stimulating their minds.

Encourage a mini-me: Your two-year-old will pay a lot more attention to you than you might first think. They will love anything that makes them feel grown-up, think toy kitchens, mini vacuums and music, if that’s one of your interests.


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Le Toy Van Oxford Kitchen1 of 18

Le Toy Van Oxford Kitchen

A toy kitchen is a great educational toy for toddlers. On top of being super fun to pretend play and enjoy hours of fun, toy kitchens bring a sense of independence and grown-up attitude your toddler has probably been craving. This gorgeous Oxford kitchen features an oven with an opening door, a hob with turning knobs, a sink, a microwave, a window and a clock with movable wooden hands. The set also comes complete with kitchen utensils including a whisk, spoon and salt and pepper.

LEGO DUPLO Barn, Tractor & Farm Animal Care2 of 18

LEGO DUPLO Barn, Tractor & Farm Animal Care

It's rare for anyone of any age not to love LEGO. This LEGO DUPLO farm set is packed with farm animals for your toddler to learn names, noises and colours. It's an ideal developmental toy for toddlers who love animals or tractors. Binky Felstead and her tot are fans of this particular set.

Little Dutch Railway Train XXL Set3 of 18

Little Dutch Railway Train XXL Set

The perfect gift for any tot, this train set from Little Dutch will spark imaginations, allowing your little ones to go on endless adventures. Made up of more than 100 parts this set includes train tracks, vehicles, as well as wooden figurines which means they can get creative and build a new city or rural scape each time!

Play-Doh Shape and Learn Letters and Language4 of 18

Play-Doh Shape and Learn Letters and Language

If you haven't introduced your tot to playdough yet, now is the time. Encourage them to get creative, while learning letters with these clever little cutouts. This set is ideal for encouraging your child to explore pre-reading and pre-writing skills with a dash of Play-Doh, so it's still fun.

Orchard Toys Jungle Heads & Tails Game5 of 18

Orchard Toys Jungle Heads & Tails Game

A fun matching activity that can be developed into different games as your tot grows, these cards feature 12 jungle characters and objects for your little ones to match. The cards are thick and wipe-clean, perfect for little hands and promote matching and memory skills from a young age.

Stoie's Musical Instruments Set for Toddler6 of 18

Stoie's Musical Instruments Set for Toddlers

Inspire budding musicians with this set of wooden percussion instruments. Featuring a tambourine, castanet, two handbells, maracas, flute, wooden block with a stick, agogo block with a stick and a chime bar with a stick, these toy instruments are a fun, hands-on way to introduce your kids to music.

Hape Wonderful Beech Wood Building Blocks7 of 18

Hape Wonderful Beech Wood Building Blocks

With 101 blocks to play with, your toddler will have everything they need to build their own castle. These multi-coloured blocks are perfect for encouraging hands-on play and motor skills, ideal for independent play and encouraging your little one's imagination.

Mini Micro Plus Scooter8 of 18

Mini Micro Plus Scooter

Suitable from two years old, this scooter has been designed to grow with your tot. With two front wheels to make scooting easier, and an innovative steering system teaching your little one to balance, this scooter is a top pick for tots all around the world.

Seaside Fish & Chip Shop9 of 18

Seaside Fish & Chip Shop

This delicious wooden playset is fantastic for pretend play and a great way to help children develop motor skills, creativity and social skills. It's made beautifully from wood and comes with over 32 accessories like chips, lemon and even ketchup so your tot is all set for play.

HOMCOM Childrenu2019s Giraffe Rocking Horse10 of 18

HOMCOM Children's Giraffe Rocking Horse

This cute and soft giraffe-design rocking horse is a great quality toy for children aged over 18 months. Upgraded from your classic rocking horse, it includes music features with 32 nursery rhymes that will play when the horn is pressed. Smooth rocking runners with a safety belt ensures security, to let your child feel like they are actually riding, without the danger of actual riding.

Liewood Jim Finger Puppets 8-Pack11 of 18

Liewood Jim Finger Puppets 8-Pack

You'll find yourself playing along with your child as they get the hang of turning these hand puppets into characters. Role-play together and help your little one develop important conversation skills, they also look super cute on display in their bedroom or playroom.

Play Teepee Buzzy Blooms12 of 18

Play Teepee Buzzy Blooms

Children benefit a lot from having their own safe space to play, so technically this isn't a toy but a great place for them to have independent playtime. This charming tepee play tent is of amazing quality and will provide your little one with a comfy and relaxing area to play and chill.

The Gruffalo - My First Floor Puzzle13 of 18

The Gruffalo - My First Floor Puzzle

Bring your tot's favourite story to life with this 16-piece cardboard floor jigsaw puzzle. This bright colourful scene will teach your little one important problem-solving skills and encourage family fun times together.

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book14 of 18

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Filled with colourful pages, different animals and bright objects, this book is great for boosting your two-year-old's knowledge and language. As well as being able to touch different animals, they'll be able to hear different sounds to stimulate their senses, all while learning new and exciting facts.

Wheely Bug Cow Ride-On Toy15 of 18

Wheely Bug Cow Ride-On Toy

The unique Wheely Bug is unlike any other ride-on toy - it can go backwards, forwards, sideways and round and round! The colourful ride on bugs are great for growing kids and almost have a magical mind of their own. They are designed to offer hours of robust fun and help to promote self-confidence, spatial awareness and gross motor skills.

VTECH Talk And Learn Smartphone16 of 18

VTECH Talk And Learn Smartphone

Engage in fun interactive chats with the Talk and Learn Smartphone by Vtech. With voice-activated play, your little one can pretend to call friends and family. Ten learning and game apps include phonics, numbers, time concepts and more! Perfect for language development, learning basic maths skills, independent play and auditory simulation.

Little Dutch Baby Doll Jim17 of 18

Little Dutch Baby Doll Jim

The sweetest new addition to your family is little baby Jim. This cute doll set includes a carry basket, bonnet, blanket, bottle and dummy and Jim himself. Of course, there is also a Little Dutch Baby Doll Rosa, collect both or pick your favourite.

Jar Melo Beeswax Dinosaur Crayons18 of 18

Jar Melo Beeswax Dinosaur Crayons

A lovely green toy for a two-year-old if you're eco-conscious, these vibrant crayons are made from 100 per cent pure beeswax. The unique chunky shape of these crayons makes them easier for small hands to hold while being much harder for small hands to break.

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