This Is What The Card On Top Of The Queen’s Coffin Says

The heartfelt note is among a wreath of flowers filled with symbolism for Her Majesty's reign.

Queen's coffin

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Today, the world is watching the historic moment of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, with Queen's funeral guests travelling from all over the world to pay their respects to Her Majesty.

As the procession began, the Queen’s coffin was carried into Westminster Hall with royal family members walking behind it. But there was one detail that many of the viewing public picked up on and want to know more about.

Nestled in the flowers laid upon the Queen’s coffin, a note on a card has been written. Those who witnessed Princess Diana’s funeral will remember the poignant moment a card from Harry and William was spotted within her flowers, with the word ‘mummy’ written on it.

Now, many want to know what the card on the Queen’s coffin reads. In fact, according to Google Trends, ‘What does the card on the Queen’s coffin say?’ is a breakout search term as well as 'Queen's coffin note.'

What does the card on the Queen’s coffin say?

According to royal reporters, the card on the Queen's coffin is a message from King Charles reading 'In loving and devoted memory, Charles R'.

Some initially thought the note read 'In loving memory, Lilibeth' is why many thought it could be a sweet note from Harry's child, Lilibet (she is named after her great grandmother), but the exact wording has since been confirmed.

What does Charles R stand for?

Charles R stands for Charles Rex, which means king in Latin. The King revealed his cypher at an Accession Council meeting on Saturday, which formally declared him king. He was seen wearing a tie pin bearing the letters CR underneath a depiction of the crown, the new cypher will appear on passports and post boxes to mark the new age of the monarchy.

What does E R stand for?

The late Queen's cypher was ‘ER’, which stood for Elizabeth Regina, the Latin word for queen. Now, 'Elizabeth Regina' is trending as people seek to find out what E.R stands for.

But it's the details about the wreath itself that some are finding most heartwarming.

Queen's coffin
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What flowers are in the Queen's wreath and what is the symbolism of them?

According to a statement released by the royal family, the wreath of flowers includes foliage cut from the gardens of Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Highgrove House. The foliage was chosen for its symbolism, rosemary for remembrance, myrtle as the ancient symbol of a happy marriage and those cut from a plant that was used in Her Late Majesty's wedding bouquet in 1947. An English oak has also been included as a symbol of the strength of love. At His Majesty's request, the wreath is made entirely sustainable and without the use of floral foam.

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