Boris Name-Checked Both His Pets But Not Carrie In His Final PM Speech

And now everyone is Googling ‘Boris and Carrie split’…

boris carrie split

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |
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So, the day has finally come. After controversy, after controversy, after controversy, Boris Johnson delivered his final ever speech as Prime Minister at Downing Street this morning before heading to Balmoral to hand in his official resignation to the Queen.

‘Thank you to everyone behind me in this building for looking after me and my family over the last three years so well, including Dilyn the dog,’ he said in his final message as leader of the UK. ‘If Dilyn and Larry [the cat] can put behind them their occasional difficulties, then so can the Conservative party…And above all thanks to you, the British people, to the voters for giving me the chance to serve.’

Although Boris thanked his staff, pets, and the British voters, there was somebody he seemingly totally forgot to show his gratitude for: his wife. Carrie stood close by in a fuchsia Hurmur dress next to the recently resigned Nadine Dorries. And while she looked adoringly on, waiting to take her husband’s hand, Twitter launched into speedy analysis of the ‘snub’.

‘Boris mentioned his pooch in his speech, but not his wife Carrie. Guess he’ll be in the doghouse later,’ wrote one user. ‘Boris Johnson didn’t even mention Carrie,’ added another. ‘Guess she’s easily forgotten.

And that wasn’t the end of Boris’ seeming lack of consideration for Carrie as photos of the couple leaving Downing Street appeared to show Boris ‘dragging’ Carrie away from advisers as she was kissing them goodbye, narrowly avoiding pulling her into a lamppost on the way out…

Why Is Everyone Wondering Have Boris and Carrie split?

Reminiscent of when Donald Trump famously walked ahead of Melania Trump and left her in the rain on the White House Lawn, Boris’ non-existent chivalry has now caused Google searches for ‘Boris and Carrie split’ to spike. So, what’s going on?

Despite internet speculation following Boris’ thoughtlessness outside Downing Street, there has been no other indication that he and Carrie are about to break up. Although body language experts have told tabloids Carrie’s approach to the relationship looks more maternal than romantic - she isn’t the first (and certainly won’t be the last) woman who appears to be mothering their husband…

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