10 Surprising Beauty Lessons The Queen Has Taught Us Over The Years

From spoiling your hairdresser to hitting on a signature nail polish shade

The Queen

by Laura Capon |

We have a lot to thank Queen Elizabeth II for, the main one currently being granting us an extra day off work next month to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. Her Majesty has given us so much over the last 70 years. That Prince Harry mic drop video, for example, unforgettable.

There's also the innumerable speeches, neon outfits and the iconic 2012 Olympics sky dive charade. The Queen has also taught us many an important beauty lesson. Her love for Essie’s Ballet Slippers is unrivalled, her skincare routine is surprisingly affordable and thanks to her signature scent we can all smell like royalty.

So in-between the street parties and eating cocktail sausages from a Union Jack flagged toothpick, take a minute get nostalgic, take a look back and consider all the surprisingly useful beauty lessons the Queen of England has taught us over the years:

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10 Beauty Lessons The Queen Has Taught Us - Grazia 2022

1 If in doubt, go nude
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We've lost count of the number of times we've had a last-minute change of heart, picked a rogue nail colour in the salon and regretted everything three strokes later. Not Queen Elizabeth though.Her majesty knows that no one lives to regret a natural nude and that's exactly why she's only painted her nails one colour for the past 33 years.Her pale pink shade of choice? Reportedly Essie's Ballet Slippers which Essie say was originally requested for her majesty via letter in 1989.

2. Book a make-up artist for a big event
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According to royal dressmaker Angela Kelly, the Queen does her own makeup 364 days of the year.The one day she gives herself a break? The recording of her annual Christmas speech, as Angela revealed in The Other Side of The Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe.With over 9 million people tuning in and analysing everything from the photographs on her desk to the brooch on her dress, it makes sense that any additional stress on the day is outsourced.Take this as your sign if you're debating doing your own wedding makeup.

3. Always tip your hairdresser
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Look, we get it. You've just paid over £100 for a full head of highlights and the idea of visiting a cash point seems practically archaic but, if you love your hairdresser and, of course, your hair, you need to nurture that relationship.While the Queen isn't in the habit of carrying cash (unless it's for her Sunday church donations) she found a different way to reward her long-time hairstylist Ian Carmichael.To thank him for his years of great hair, her Majesty him a member of the Royal Victorian Order, an honour which recognises personal services to the Queen.Slightly more covetable than a tenneru2026

4. A bold lip isn't just for special occasions
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While your wardrobe might be filled with colourful Zara dresses, we'd take a guess that your makeup bag is much more muted.We're equally guilty of reserving a red lip for a wedding/dinner/night out, but as the Queen proves, there's nothing chicer than an everyday bright lip.

5. Don't leave home without a powder compact
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It can be tempting - especially if your bag is impractically small - to leave home with nothing but a lipstick in terms of makeup but throwing in a powder compact might just save your bacon when the packed Victoria line leaves you with an almost reflective forehead.The Queen isn't shy about touching up her makeup, so neither should you. Clarin's Ever Matte Powder Compact is rumoured to be her favourite and if it's good enough for Lizu2026

6. Don't neglect your hands
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Forget Kim Kardashian, her Majesty is the OG glove wearer and while this habit has practical benefits, it also comes with some additional beauty benefits.While we're all out here in a post pandemic world slathering our hands with anti-bac, the Queen's gloves not only limit the inevitable germ handshake transaction, but they also mean she's not drying her skin out with heavily based alcohol products.The icing on the cake to her soft, supple hands routine? It's rumoured she can't be without her favourite Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment. Which seems pretty legit to us seeing as she granted the brand a royal warrant in 2007.

7. Her most important skincare step is free
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Working from home might be the only good to thing to come out of these past couple of years, but with everything we need now within our four walls, it's easier than ever to stay inside all day.Admittedly, we might feel differently if we had a country estate to roam around, but there's no doubt that the Queen's daily doses of vitamin D have kept her young in body and mind. She's well known to love the outdoors.You don't need a Shetland pony to get the cell repairing benefits of vitamin D either. 15-20 minutes of protected (more on that later) sunlight in your local park, garden or high street will do the trick.

8. Hats aren't just a fashion accessory
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We're not suggesting you start dressing like a mother of the bride every day, rather you take a leaf out of Liz's book and protect your face from direct sunlight.The Queen has been upping her sun protection with hats for years. Sun damage is the cause of an estimated 90% of skin damage, so make like Queen Elizabeth and supplement your daily SPF with a baseball cap too.

9. A signature scent leaves a lasting impression
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Finding 'the one' can feel impossible, whether that's a life partner or a perfume, but as the Queen proves it really is worth the hassle.While you're unlikely to find her Majesty posting a 'What's in my bag' on YouTube, you can work out her favourite beauty products by seeing what brands have been granted a royal warrant.Floris is one of those brands and their White Rose scent is rumoured to be the Queen's spritz of choice.

10. There's no such thing as a 'best side'
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It turns out Mariah Carey really is the biggest diva because even the Queen knows it's just not possible to only be photographed from one side of your face.Broadcaster Dame Esther Ranzen revealed that she met the Queen's hairdresser who told her that the one thing she insists upon is that her hair is entirely symmetrical.'Her hair has to look the same from one profile and to another, so that whatever side people are watching her from, her hair always looks exactly the same.'Just something to think about if your tagged photos are the bane of your life.

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