Is Cucumber Water Worth The Hype? Or Is It A Waste Of Time?

Grazia investigates the health drink loved by spas and health retreats the world over.

cucumber water

by Whitney Jones |
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If there's one thing everyone loves, it's a wellness drink. As we chase never ending health and beauty goals— wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a magic elixir to absolve us of all our insecurities?

And thanks to our never ending quest for the ultimate problem solving product, it can often be tough to know which concoctions actually do the job and which online recipes are utter rubbish. Cucumber water has been on Grazia's radar for a while, but should you spend your precious mornings chopping up a batch? Or are you better off spending those extra minutes in bed? Let's put it to the test...

What is cucumber water?

Cucumber water is simply water infused with cucumbers, typically served cold. The longer the cucumber slices sit in the water, the more flavourful and richer it becomes. The origins of cucumber water are unknown, but it became a popular wellness drink in North America and Western Europe through health retreats and spas. The infused water is served before and after treatments as a complimentary service to aid detoxification and relaxation.

How do you make cucumber water?

The beauty of cucumber water is that it is simple to make, store and even personalise. Simply, slice a cucumber and place them into a glass of cold water to infuse for at least one hour and up to three days. You can add other flavourings if you’d like, including ingredients such as mint, ginger or lemon for more benefits and tastiness.

What are the benefits of cucumber water?

The benefits of drinking cucumber water are endless. For a start, it’s a good source of antioxidants and other nutrients including calcium, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A. These can help your body fight off and delay cell damage caused by oxidative stress. Vitamin C is perfect for those trying to improve their gut health. It strengthens the intestinal barrier by supporting the blood vessels and epithelial cells lining the gut. A win-win situation.

Can cucumber water lower my blood pressure?

Yes, cucumber water can lower your blood pressure. High blood pressure can be caused by having too much sodium in your diet and a low presence of potassium. As cucumbers are a great source of potassium, an electrolyte that regulates sodium, cucumber water is ideal for lowering blood pressure.

Will cucumber water help me stay hydrated?

Being, for the most part, H2O—cucumber water can absolutely keep you hydrated. Our bodies cannot function effectively without water and the NHS advises that most people should aim to drink six to eight glasses of water per day. For those who struggle to drink water due to its plain taste and boring visuals, cucumber water is a fun way to get more water in your system. Cucumber water can help your body by raising energy levels, boosting digestion and improving your skin’s overall appearance. As cucumber is a water-based vegetable, it is a simple way of adding an extra source of hydration to your daily glasses of water.

Will cucumber water change the appearance of my skin?

Again, cucumber water doesn’t have superpowers but if used as part of a daily skincare regime, a proper diet and good sleeping patterns – then yes, you’ll have healthy and clear skin. Cucumbers have silica and anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe and regenerate the skin by encouraging collagen creation. These are key for glass-like skin as the hydration will give you a plump and youthful glow and improve the appearance of your hair and nails, too.

Does cucumber water have any risks?

While cucumber water's many benefits may make it sound like the perfect beverage for your journey to glowing skin and bursting energy, please drink with caution. Yes, hydration is good for your overall health, but you can over-hydrate which leads to excess urine. Beware if you don’t have easy access to a toilet when your bladder calls. Another side effect is that despite all the good vitamins cucumber has, it also is home to cucurbitacin, a high-level toxic compound which can cause bloating and indigestion if you consume too many cucumbers.

Is cucumber water worth the hype?

While cucumberwater has healing properties and provides you with vitamins, it’s not the magical beverage we wish it was. Cucumber water can give you the perfect skin and great health when regularly consumed alongside a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a good amount of sleep. Only then will you be on your way to the healthiest version of yourself.

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