The Internet Is Obsessed With Kendall Jenner’s Bizarre Method Of Cutting A Cucumber

'Kendall Jenner not knowing how to cut a cucumber is the level of rich I aspire to be.'

Kendall jenner cucumber

by Bonnie McLaren |

Kendall Jenner might be one of the world's most famous supermodels and reality stars, but after this week's episode of The Kardashians, she certainly won't be adding chef to her resume anytime soon. A clip of Kendall trying to cut a cucumber has had the internet in meltdown, and garnered millions of likes on TikToks - because it seems she just can't do it. At all.

In one scene in the latest episode, Kris asks Kendall if she'd like their chef (obviously the Kardashians have a chef!) to make Kendall a snack. But Kendall says she's going to cut some cucumber herself - yep, that's right - before showing off her very unique cutting skills, which include criss-cross arms, and appearing to cut the tiniest slither. (By the way, we would not recommend Kendall's method, as it actually looks a bit dangerous.) All the while, Kris cheers on her 26-year-old daughter - 'you go girl!' - for making a snack.

Since, the internet has been flooded with memes and reactions. Even former Love Island contestant Shaughna Phillips joked on Twitter: 'Kendall Jenner saying one of her secret passions in life is architecture, but not knowing how to cut a cucumber is really stressing me out.'

Many have pointed out that it's likely Kendall's risky technique is due to her probably never needing to cut a cucumber, as she is from an insanely wealthy family, who have access to private chefs who can sort out snacks. As one person joked on Twitter: 'About an hour ago, I witnessed Kendall Jenner attempt to cut a cucumber on my tv screen. It made me feel a little superior but mostly poor.' And another quipped: 'Kendall Jenner not knowing how to cut a cucumber is the level of rich I aspire to be.'

But, luckily for Kendall, she's seen the funny side of it all, simply retweeting a viewer's comment - calling the scene one of the most tragic things they have ever seen - with: 'tragic!'

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