TikTok Are Icing Their Face With Frozen Cucumber – But What Are The Benefits?

And why it isn't the worst beauty idea to come from the app

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by Chloe Burcham |

When it comes to TikTok beauty hacks, our advice is to always err on the side of caution. While some might offer useful makeup tips and tricks, others can be downright dangerous - which is why we recommend doing BDD (that's beauty due diligence) before diving straight in.

That said, don't dismiss them all. Every now and again one trend/tutoria/hack (delete as appropriate) comes to the fore offering actually sage advice. Enter the frozen cucumber beauty hack, a budget-friendly skincare tip that's easy to do and is backed up by skin experts.

What is the frozen cucumber beauty hack?

The thrifty fruit hack has been making the rounds on TikTok recently as a DIY alternative to gua sha facial massage and cryotherapy - both of which are great for de-puffing, soothing and sculpting skin.

With over 5.3 million views and counting, the viral skincare hack involves users massaging a – you guessed it – frozen cucumber around their face for a couple of minutes just as you would a gua sha or facial roller. Users claim a whole host of skin benefits from amped up hydration and more radiant skin, to reduced pore size and less noticeable under-eye circles.

But does it really work? We reached out to skin expert Marie Reynolds for her take on the viral skincare tip…

What are the benefits of using frozen cucumber on your skin?

'Cucumber itself contains an abundance of vitamins - particularly B Vitamins which are great for your skin,' explains Marie. 'They're also rich in Calcium and Vitamin C as well as Silica which is one of the tissue salts which is fantastic for the skin. It helps with humectant properties (drawing and holding hydration into the skin) and is also calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory.'

'Cucumber is also great for the microbiome and (because it is frozen) it has natural tightening properties.'

How should you use frozen cucumber on your skin?

'When you freeze cucumber it's easier and nicer to apply,' advises Marie. For best results, you'll want to use the cucumber as you would a facial roller tool or gua sha - in sweeping motions from the inwards outwards.

'Start from the chin and lips and glide outwards to the ear. Using the cucumber underneath the eye sockets is fantastic for de-puffing the eyes, and move down the neck in circular movements towards the collar bone. There's no right or wrong way as long as you are moving upwards and outwards.'

Does it really work?

Ok: you're not going to see radical results from using a frozen cucumber to sculpt your face. It is a cheap and soothing facial technique though. If you're suffering with sensitised skin, lay off the active ingredients and opt for gentle formulas, instead.

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