Is An Apple Watch Worth The Money? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To The A-List’s Favourite Smart Watch

The must-have smartwatch for your every need.

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Remember when every celebrity had an Apple Watch? When it debuted seven years ago, it was the ultimate luxe item to own, with the likes of Beyoncésporting a limited edition 18k gold Apple Watch before the product was even launched. Celebrities openly jumped on the trend, with Gwen Stefani, Chloë Grace Moritz and Oprahwearing the high tech watch-meets-jewellery.

Once a fashion accessory, the Apple Watch is now an essential device for health and fitness. Fast-track to 2022, Apple now has several models, and there's more to consider than just picking up the latest Apple device for the collection. An Apple Watch is a trusted companion - the more you spend time with it by your side, the more benefits you receive.

Despite the ubiquitousness of the smart watch, it doesn't mean it has lost its appeal to the fashion-conscious. These chic devices are functional and so filled with techyou'd hardly believe they can weigh so little for being such lifesavers. To break it down, we are here to round up the best Apple Watches on the market today and what models will match your needs best.

Is the Apple Watch worth buying?

The Apple Watch is the most popular smart watch in the world, and it is definitively the best choice for iPhoneusers. Although other smart watchesmay be better for hardcore athletes, the Apple Watch is still considered a luxury watch. Where other devices may have the upper hand when it comes to pure fitness tracking, they lack in terms of productivity, safety features, controlling your smart home, and interacting with other Apple devices and services.

Not to mention, there will be ahuge selection of appsavailable on the Apple App Store versus its competitors. From water tracker apps through to Headspace, there will be no shortage of third-party applications to choose from.

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The Apple Watch fits into your daily life much in the same way that any other Apple product would. You can keep in contact with a quick call, send a text, pay on the go with ApplePay and, of course, keep track of your fitness.

Smart watches double as a second phone in many ways but surpass iPhones in terms of fitness tracking. Whether you want to track how many laps you've done in the pool or store all your runs in one place - the Apple Watch will provide you with all the necessary statistics to evaluate your performance and progress.

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Let's talk about the design. Each Apple Watch model comes in two sizes - so consider this when you are browsing. The larger model is better for readability, whereas the smaller one is more comfortable for smaller wrists. There are also a number of different cases to choose from. The standard one is made from aluminium, but if you’re clumsy or find yourself outside on hikes or camping frequently, you’ll benefit from the extra durability of the stainless steel models.

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If you are going to be wearing a smart watch all the time, it is important that you like how it looks on you. We recommend picking a band colour that will blend in with your wardrobe - you may opt for a neutral colour, or perhaps you want something a little more vibrant.

Each series has a selection of colours to choose from. However, if you would like more options, we recommend checking out Etsy or other retailers for a wider variety to match your style.

So whether you are a fitness fanatic, organised queen or just like to have all your Apple devices linked up together - here are the best Apple Watches on the market today that are functional and fashionable.


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Apple Watch Series 71 of 5

Apple Watch Series 7

Meet the newest Apple Watch in the series - The Apple Watch 7. This model is perfect for those balancing a busy life and need some extra assistance. Whether that be for fitness tracking or scheduling meetings, this smart watch will be your new best friend and PA.

It has a new chipset, an 18-hour battery life, and 32GB of storage as well as other optimised features that make it the best smart watch on this list. It features up to 33 per cent faster charging time than its predecessor and according to Apple, the battery can be charged from 0 to 80 per cent in 45 minutes. In terms of design, the edges are more curved, and it boasts thinner bezels, meaning it now has 20 per cent more screen area than the previous Apple Watch 6.

Similar to the earlier models, it is IP6X-rated, so it is dust and water-resistant and can be submerged up to 50 metres - perfect if you like to train in a swimming pool. It also contains the usual health and fitness features, such as tracking your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, ECG, and more. Plus, several improved tools for cyclists. It comes five new aluminium case finishes: red, black, starlight, green and blue.

Size: 41mm / 45mm
Chip: S7 dual-core processor

Apple Watch Series 6 2 of 5

Apple Watch Series 6

This stylish watch may not be the latest in the Apple series, but it's still an outstanding smart watch. It has an S6 64-bit dual-core processor, as well as a second-generation optical heart sensor, an electrical heart sensor, a blood oxygen monitor and an 18-hour battery life. It also comes in vibrant colours and band designs from graphite stainless steel, red aluminium, gold stainless steel, and blue aluminium. Now you can work out and organise your life in style.

Size: 40mm / 44mm
Chip: S6 with 64-bit dual-core processor

Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Silver Alu Case3 of 5

Apple Watch SE

If you are looking for a premium smart watch for a more affordable price, the Apple Watch SE provides you with the whole Apple experience with a few tweaks to give it a lower price tag. It comes in three colours: Space grey, silver and gold, plus a 32GB memory, 40mm display, touchscreen and great health features, including more accurate heart sensing. It doesn't have bloody oxygen tracking or ECG features like the first two on this list, but it is fast, smooth and wearable overall.

Size: 40mm / 44mm
Chip: S5 with 64-bit dual-core processor

Apple Watch Series 54 of 5

Apple Watch Series 5 (Refurbished )

The refurbished Apple Watch Series 5 has everything you need regarding features. Apple claims an 18-hour battery life, 32 GB of storage, plus excellent health features, including ECG. It also contained a new feature for its time - the 'always-on screen' function is one of the stand-out features which means you don't have to raise your wrist for the screen to show something. If you are looking for a middle-of-the-range smart watch with fantastic performance and a sleek design, this is a great choice.

Size: 40mm / 44mm
Chip: S5 with 64-bit dual-core processor

Apple Watch Series 35 of 5

Apple Watch Series 3

If you are looking for a smart watch that can connect to your iPhone but has no frills attached then the Apple Watch Series 3 may be an older model but still contains essential features for less money. You can use this watch for exercise and health functions, but it may not support the latest apps that require an electrical heart sensor.

Yes, it’s slightly chunkier with a smaller screen, and naturally, there are some drawbacks to buying an older model. For example, it has Apple’s S3 processor, which isn’t as fast as the more recent models, but this won’t be a problem for people using it as an extra device or as a fitness aid. If you’re looking for a smart watch that looks good and offers all the main capabilities at a fair price - this could be a good pick.

Size: 38mm / 42mm
Chip: S3 with a dual-core processor

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