Apple Fitness+ Launches New Pregnancy Workouts

Each session each one is a quick 10 minutes designed to accommodate any stage of pregnancy and any fitness level

Apple Fitness+

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Apple didn’t become one of the biggest tech brands in the world by doing things by halves. Smart innovations are at the heart of everything it does and tap into exactly what we need now, improving our daily lives. Combine this with fitness – something that has become more important than ever over the past year – and what do you get? Apple Fitness+, a slick new app that works with the Apple Watch to bring you a truly personalised workout experience.

‘It feels as close to being in a class as you can get,’ says Jay Blahnik, Apple’s senior director of fitness for health technologies. A studio- style class that you can do from home or call on in the gym, it guides and elevates your workout (so no more settling for a treadmill jog for fear of not knowing where to start), motivating you to get the most out of every session, all on your schedule.

‘There are many hurdles people can face when discovering fitness, for example, finding the right gym, trainer, playlist. It’s all now in your pocket and on your wrist. With Fitness+, we hold your hand and help you jump over these hurdles,’ says HIIT expert Kim Ngo, one of the elite trainers brought in to create classes from Apple’s LA studio.

As someone who has used the same YouTube workout video since the start of lockdown (for lack of time or inclination to find another that works for me), hand- holding is right up my street. As does the fact that the algorithm sends tailored suggestions it knows I’ll like (it’s Apple, it knows), from a comprehensive offering of HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Dance, Core, Cycling, Treadmill, Rowing and Mindful Cooldown – with new classes dropping every week to keep things fresh.

Apple Fitness+

Most importantly, Fitness+ puts a true focus on fitness for all. ‘We wanted our content to be non-intimidating. To be welcoming. If you’re incredibly fit, we have you covered. But if you’re actually a little scared of fitness, you’re welcome to the party, too,’ says Blahnik. This is fitness to get excited about, not daunted by – these are world-class trainers who push you without being pushy. Their method of motivation far surpasses that. ‘Measurement is motivation,’ says Blahnik, and, by tapping into the tech of Apple Watch, measurement is something you get in spades, from calculating calories burned to monitoring your heart rate, all of which is fed directly into the app so your personal metrics appear right there on the screen to give you a boost when you need it most. ‘I can’t tell you how much more fun and immersive it makes it,’ promises Blahnik. We’re here for that.

Apple Fitness+ Delivers New Workouts For Pregnancy And Workouts For Older Adults

At-home fitness can often be a conundrum for those who are pregnant or older in age. At-home workout options for both categories have historically been few and far between. Until now that is. Apple Fitness+ continues on their mission to make fitness available to everyone by introducing brand new workouts geared specifically toward pregnancy and older adults, as well as several new Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Strength workouts for beginners. 'Apple Fitness+ is integrated with Apple Watch to build on the goal of helping people live a better day by being more active. With more options for getting started, and staying active and healthy during pregnancy as well as at any age or fitness level, we hope even more people will be inspired to keep moving with our amazing team of passionate trainers,' says Jay.

Let's Talk About The Apple Fitness+ Pregnancy Offering

10 workouts across Strength, Core, and Mindful Cooldown. Fitness+ trainer and mum-to-be Betina Gozo leads the sessions and each one is a quick 10 minutes designed to accommodate any stage of pregnancy and any fitness level. Each session includes useful tips and modifications like the use of a pillow for increased comfort, designed to suit you and your body as it changes.

And Then There's The Jane Fonda Factor

Add into the mix that none other than Jane Fonda will be sharing inspiring stories, photos, and a few of her favourite songs in the next episode of Time to Walk in honour of Earth Day and it becomes clear that with Apple Fitness+ there's something for everyone, and the possibilities are truly endless.

Apple Watch Series 3
Price: £199

Apple Watch customers can get Apple Fitness+ for £9.99/month or £79.99 annually. Everyone can try Fitness+ free for one month. Get the app on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

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