Here’s Where To Buy The Home Decor From Emma Chamberlain’s $4.3 Million House Tour

Including the $30,000 Trueing chandelier.

Emma Chamberlain House Tour Decor

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At 21 years old, Emma Chamberlain has taken the social media world by storm. From her viral Met Gala interview with Jack Harlow, to being one of the most watched influencers on YouTube, the Californian internet personality has certainly got our attention. For anyone who loves a sneak peek into an influencer's home, she's kindly given us an intimate tour of her Los Angeles pad (and a whole lot of interiors inspo in the process).

The interview with Architectural Digest saw us take a peek inside her house where she took 'a mixture of everything that [she] loves from every era' and where 'every room has a different feel'. From her chic '70s bedroom to a jaw-dropping gold marble bathroom, it's hard not to feel envious. Especially when you learn that it's a $31,000 Trueing Studio chain chandelier in her kitchen, hanging effortlessly above a Martin Massé dining table.

Working closely with Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman of Proem Studio, it's a modern dream house that every interiors enthusiast can appreciate. But it isn't just full of luxury. The house, that was built in the 1950s, is filled with smaller etsy trinkets that cost as little as $13, as well as paintings by her dad.

When it comes to the interior, design is key. Chamberlain's home feels indulgent while also managing to look laidback. And while trinkets, fixtures and features have come from far and wide, every piece has found a home inside her home - whether it's a coaster from etsy or vintage lamps from Ron Rezek.

If you're wondering where you can get your hands on the exact items (as well as some more achievable options), wonder no more. We've been on the hunt for which designers, brands and products have created this space of Emma Chamberlain's. Here's where to buy them below.


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Giraffe dining Chair in Solid Brazilian Wood by Juliana Vasconcellos1 of 19
CREDIT: 1stdibs

Giraffe dining Chair in Solid Brazilian Wood by Juliana Vasconcellos

Surrounding the dining table, we see the statement-making Giraffe chairs from Juliana Vasconcellos.

Urban Outfitters Isobel Dining Table2 of 19
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Isobel Dining Table

The oval dining table is from Martin Massé (POA), and with prices of more than £20,000 for an average piece, this Urban Outfitters alternative should give a similar feel to your dining room.

ShalyArtBoutique Vintage style Leopard Tiger Cactus Throw Blanket3 of 19

ShalyArtBoutique Vintage style Leopard Tiger Cactus Throw Blanket

Thrown over the bed, you can see an eccentric tiger blanket which she says is a 'highlight'. Grab your own version of the 'weird tiger' (her words, not ours) via etsy.

Dunelm Giselle Chair4 of 19
CREDIT: Dunelm

Dunelm Giselle Chair

Chamberlain has several sleek armchairs in her home. Dunelm's fits the bill.

Cerine Swagged Chandelier5 of 19
CREDIT: Trueing

Cerine Swagged Chandelier

One of the most iconic pieces of the entire house tour, Chamberlain shared her unique chandelier, made of glass chains and globe lamps, which is from the Cerine collection from Trueing. This similar version comes in at $48,900. No wonder the influencer was so passionate about it.

MADE Nyro Chandelier Lamp, Black & Antique Brass6 of 19

MADE Nyro Chandelier Lamp, Black & Antique Brass

Get the luxurious but warming effect of Chamberlain's chandelier with this Nyro piece from The hanging globe lamps will be a wonderful centrepiece.

Topaz G4705 Gold Runner7 of 19

Topaz G4705 Gold Runner

Most of the rugs we see are actually vintage picks from Woven, like this topaz gold runner which is similar to the one in the influencer's hallway.

The Valley Tiled Coaster | Translucent8 of 19

The Valley Tiled Coaster | Translucent

She's a fan of snapping up accessories from etsy, like her vintage label salt and pepper shakers, or these glass tile coasters.

Oliver Bonas Vico Green Concrete Desk & Table Lamp Large9 of 19
CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas Vico Green Concrete Desk & Table Lamp Large

Dotted around the house are a number of unconventional table lamps which vamp up the space. Make your interiors as individualist with a mix-and-match selection of lamps, like this option from Oliver Bonas.

Mario Bellini B&B Italia Camaleonda White Bouclé Fabric Modular Sofa10 of 19
CREDIT: 1st Dibs

Mario Bellini B&B Italia Camaleonda White Bouclé Fabric Modular Sofa

In the influencer's gorgeous chillout room, complete with a drum set, we saw her perch on a white modular sofa in bouclé fabric. It comes in at an eye-watering £17,500, but if you're looking for a similar 'cloud' look, go for the Soho Home Vivienne Modular Four Seater Sofa that's just over £4,000.

3 Orbit Table Lamps by Ron Rezek for Bieffeplast, circa 198011 of 19
CREDIT: 1stdibs

3 Orbit Table Lamps by Ron Rezek for Bieffeplast, circa 1980

Chamberlain's bedside table lamps are vintage by Ron Rezek, which you can still buy now. Looking for something lower in cost? We also love the Hadleigh Table Lamps from The White Company, which are only £145.

MADE Wexler Accent Armchair, Forest Corduroy12 of 19

MADE Wexler Accent Armchair, Forest Corduroy

Similar to the green lounger seen in one of the living spaces, this is giving cosy and laidback.

Milano Clarus - Thermostatic Shower with Shower Head and Hand Shower - Brushed Brass13 of 19
CREDIT: Big Bathroom Shop

Milano Clarus - Thermostatic Shower with Shower Head and Hand Shower - Brushed Brass

In the bathroom, we can see brushed brass and gold fixtures to compliment the gold and rust marble of the walls and sinks. You can zhuzh up your bathroom with similar features by upgrading your shower. We love this one from Milano Clarus.

Rotary Hero Giant Corn Stool14 of 19

Rotary Hero Giant Corn Stool

We couldn't help but notice the immense corn side tables alongside the sunloungers outside. These are hilarious statement pieces that will stick out in any home.

floor-length light-up mirror15 of 19
CREDIT: Artemest

Poltronova Ultrafragola Floor Mirror And Lamp By Ettore Sottsass

Look closely at the dressing room and you may be able to spot this floor-length light-up mirror. At £7,300, it's definitely a splurge (or you can get this etsy version for only £300).

lap desk16 of 19
CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Laurie Bed Tray

This lap desk was shown off during the bedroom section of the interview - and you can get the exact match from Urban Outfitters.

MEYOU PARIS Grey & White 'The Ball' Cat Bed17 of 19

MEYOU PARIS Grey & White 'The Ball' Cat Bed

Throughout the interior, we see these little cat beds dotted around. The exact options to buy are the MEYOU PARIS 'The Ball' Cat Beds.

Beliani Adirondack Blue Garden Chair18 of 19
CREDIT: Beliani

Beliani Adirondack Blue Garden Chair

With four blue deck chairs surrounding an outdoor firepit, the garden has a cosy but eclectic feel. This is easy to replicate with any outdoor deck lounger.

Breville Barista Max Espresso Machine19 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Breville Barista Max Espresso Machine

Of course, the content creator's kitchen was stacked up with her own-brand coffee, Chamberlain Coffee, but we also saw her using a professional barista machine from Breville, like this Barista Max.

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