The Best Etsy Wall Art For Building Your Dream Gallery Wall On A Budget

Whatever room, whatever style, whatever budget - Etsy has it all.

best Etsy wall art

by Charlotte Pavitt |

When looking for unique home finds and gifts, there's no better place to start than Filled with creative goods that never fail to impress with their unmatched, one-of-a-kind designs and surprisingly affordable price points - considering that many of the items are custom-made by independent sellers.

The Best minimal and neutral Etsy wall art prints and posters

But while Etsy is a treasure trove of interior goods, it can also be rather overwhelming - keeping up with the very best sellers would basically be a full-time job, so we trawled the site and found our favourite Etsy wall art and prints. Whether you're looking for neutral designs for your living room, botanical print for your kitchen or something fun and graphic to make a statement - keep scrolling for the best pieces to shop now...

The Best Minimalist Wall Art On Etsy

There's nothing Etsy do better than simple, minimal designs. Plus, you can buy bundles of 3 or 5 prints to create a ready-made gallery wall without the faff.

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The best minimal and neutral Etsy wall art prints

Etsy, Gallery Wall Prints Neutral Set of 5, From £25
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A starter pack for £25 that gives you a gallery wall without the hassle? We're sold.

Etsy, Minimalist Dog Line Drawing, From £10.95
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Great for dog lovers and adds a cute touch to more formal artwork.

Etsy, Set of Matisse Prints, From £11
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Matisse prints are super popular and these pink tones are great for a home office.

Etsy, Abstract Botanical Wall Art, From £23
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Abstract art creates a calm environment.

Etsy, Picasso - Touching Hands Print, From £4.95
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We add this to the Matisse trio.

Etsy, FEMME Woman art print, From £16
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Etsy seller La Belle Saison create light and airy prints that aim to evoke feelings of calm and clarity, with a focus on neutral tones.

Etsy, Abstract Print, From £11.24
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I want this above my bed.

Etsy, Neutral Boho Abstract Lines Print, From £7
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Simple yet chic, this is super versatile for any room.

Etsy, Print Bundle, Set of 3, Monochrome, Black and White, £15
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Beautiful, modern monochrome prints inspired by Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

The Best Graphic Wall Art On Etsy

Looking to brighten up a dimly lit room or add some fun to an otherwise useless space? These vibrant and unique posters do just the job.

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The best graphic and colourful Etsy wall art

Etsy, New York bookshop art print, from £14.95
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Perfect for above a reading nook.

Etsy, Good Vibes Only Print, From £2.79
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No negative energy here.

Etsy, A risograph print of can of Paloma Lemonade, £10.50
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This seller hand makes each piece, which means every print is slightly different, making every print unique.

Etsy, Pink Flowers And Positive Quote Print Design, From £4
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A motto to live by.

Etsy, Fire Seed Print, £31.52
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Inspired by the 2020 fires in Oregon, this Etsy seller created something beautiful out of devastation.

Etsy, Retro Cocktail Pornstar Martini Print, From £8
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This retro martini print not only looks fabulous, but doubles up as a menu too.

Etsy, It Is What It Is Wall Art Print, From £3
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This unique print will give any room a modern makeover.

Etsy, Wall Art Print Dancing Queen, From £8.40
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A fun addition for a teens bedroom wall.

Etsy, Cocktail In Ibiza Drink Print Set of 6, £28
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This set of 6 is sure to bring joy to your home.

Etsy, Zodiac Art Print, From £5.50
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A great gift for any horoscope-lover.

Etsy, Halee Ham studios Print, £40.79
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The key to a great gallery wall is a mix of minimal and busy prints, use this as a filler moment.

Etsy, Eat Sweets, Repeat Print, From £7
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Great for a kiddies room.

Etsy, Harry Styles Portrait Wall Art, From £6
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An ode to Mr Styles. Just because.

The Best Floral and Botanical Wall Art On Etsy

Floral prints and artwork are a failsafe way to add character and interest to your home - whether you're looking for a traditional William Morris print or a modern herb trio for the kitchen, these are the very best...

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The best floral wall art on Etsy

Etsy, The English Daisy - Print, From £7
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This English Daisy floral print is would be the perfect addition to any wall!

Etsy, Wall Print: Vintage Pattern Drawing, From £4
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A classic William Morris print is a great addition to any wall.

Etsy, Herb Prints Set Of 3, From £12.50
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Featuring Thyme, Basil and Wild Rosemary, this vintage wall art will fit in with any hallway, living room or kitchen interior.

Etsy, Colour cloud - Flowers, £10
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This is a digital reproduction of an original lino print.

Etsy, Botanical Floral Postcards - Natural History: set of 3, £7
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Beautiful botanical postcards from original paintings, originally painted in gouache paint in the sellers Wiltshire studio.

Etsy, Art Print- Wildflower Vol 1, From £16
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A perfect contemporary, abstract design for a colourful floral lover.

Etsy, Vintage Hydrangea Hortensia Rosea Flower Print, From £2.49
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This vintage-style print would look amazing in a gilt frame.

Etsy, Ditsy Flowers, £10
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Lovely ditsy florals for a lovely home.

The Best Personalised Wall Art On Etsy

In the market for a non-naff gift for a newly-wed couple, friend, lover or family member? These are guaranteed to have a firm place on their wall (and not be stuffed in a cupboard once you leave...)

SHOP - Our fave personalisable wall art on Etsy UK:


The best personalised Etsy wall art

Etsy, ADD YOURSELF IN The Krazyhouse Liverpool Personalised Art Print, From £10.99
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Create a unique gift by sending the seller your pic and they'll add you into the 'krazy house'.

Etsy, Personalised Travel Adventures Map Print, From £55
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Illustrated from scratch, they will hand-draw a 'map' of up to 14 of your favourite travel adventures.

Etsy, Faceless Portrait, digital illustration, From £12
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Your loved ones will love this cartoon-style illustration of your fave selfie.

Etsy, Personalised Couples Anniversary Print Gift, From £6.99
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A great gift for newly weds.

Etsy, Personalized City Map, From £3.60
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A city map is a great addition to your home design, whenever if your own home or as a gift.

Etsy, Custom Song Lyric Print, From £50
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Posters that literally 'contain' the lyrics from your favourite songs, Genius!

Etsy, Personalised House Watercolour, From £24.90
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A unique piece of wall art to commemorate a new home, housewarming, special place, your childhood home, or a new family vacation spot!

Etsy, House Number Print, From £3.50
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A great moving-in gift.

Etsy, Custom Family of 4 Art, From £15
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An adorable way to snapshot a moment in your children's lives.

Etsy, Personalised Family Print, From £9.09
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Instead of horoscope or star charts, get your family's birth flowers done.

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