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20 Solutions To Your Summer Workwear Problems

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What are you meant to wear to the office in this weather? It’s an elusive question that’s been haunting us since the heatwave began. With no signs of breaking, the current climate is making a wafty beach caftan look like a serious contender. The elasticity of most modern office dress codes allows us to make spirited mistakes (flip-flops are always a no-no and anything too sheer or too short might be misconstrued), but also brazen a new professional path. The breezy cotton boiler suit is underrepresented in the boardroom and the starched button-down shirt dress strikes a determined note.

As an office-bound employee, I spend most of my year envious for the freelance lifestyle. However, thinking about sunbathing and dodging the refraction of a laptop screen has me saying no thanks. Though the alternative is contending with the air con. The only way to combat the chilling indoor freeze is with a sophisticated layer. We suggest try a structured jacket or pack a bucket bag big enough to stow away a cardigan for later. While you mull over your options here are five problem-solving outfits to win with at work this week.