Here’s Where To Shop Luca’s Love Island Sunglasses Chain

The most stylish (and sensible) summer accessory.

Love Island Luca Bish Sunglasses Chain

by Charlotte Pavitt |

While this year Love Island has coupled up with Quay Australia to provide sunglasses for the islanders - featuring a 16-piece line of shades, with prices starting at £49 - cheeky-chap Luca Bish has been standing out from the pack in classic octagon Ray-Bans complete with an extra accessory that has fans somewhat divided... A sunglasses chain.

Luca, who is a fishmonger from Brighton, has already caught the attention of Love Island fans with his Harry Styles-inspired tattoos, but it's his sunglasses chain that's sparking debate amongst viewers.

'I swear Luca is wearing my mother’s sunglasses chain from 1992,” remarked @RoRoSuperRo on Twitter. Others, however, clearly love them. According to DC Jewellery, Luca has caused a 230% increase in demand for the summer accessory in the past month, with the biggest spike taking place between 9-10pm when the show airs. The 'Luca effect' is officially here.

And he's not the only one. Sunglasses chains have had the high-fashion seal of approval for a while - seen everywhere from catwalk to Instagram (Bella Hadid’s a fan). Keep scrolling to shop our edit of the best sunglasses chains that would get the Luca Bish seal of approval.

What are sunglasses chains?

Sunglasses chains are designed to keep your eyewear attached to you at all times with little loops that thread onto the arms of your shades so you can wear your sunnies around your neck - doubling up beautifully as jewellery too à la Luca.

Instead of sticking them on top of your head like a hairband (which stretches your shades, FYI), hooking them on your top or chucking them in your bag to ultimately get scratched or lost, they’re attached to you, meaning you can never lose, or sit on, them. Game-changer!

Here's our pick of the best sunglasses chains available to buy in the UK.


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