Is This Really How Everyone Will Be Wearing Their Bikini Tops This Summer?

Tyla has found a whole new way to wear her swimwear.


by Natalie Hammond |
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She won the Met Gala, with a gown made of sand that meant she had to hoisted up the hallowed stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now, Tyla has set her sights on your swimwear. Prepare to be influenced because for her latest music video, Jump, Tyla's found a whole new way to wear her bikini top - and it's already hit TikTok.

Tyla ©@tyla

For the past few summers, it's been all about the upside-down bikini as seen on the Love Islanders. For summer 2024, however, Tyla says it's about layering your bikini tops, wearing not one, not two, but three - one on top of the other. And while it's a little more nuanced than just piling on as many string bikini tops as you can get your hands on - Tyla has positioned hers over-and-under so that a white top is on the right and red on the left - it's pretty much as simple as digging out three triangle bikinis from your swimwear archive (i.e. the big tangle in a suitcase under your bed) and having a go.

On TikTok, the fashion girlies have already dived in, doubling up on their bikini tops so that one subtly overlaps with the other for the same layered effect as Tyla. (Some are taking it to the next level by trying the same trick with bikini bottoms, FYI.)

As well as feeling turbo-charged with support from your triangle bikini tops, the other bonus is that you no longer need to worry about belly-flopping into the deep end. If one top happens to fly off, you've still two as back-up.

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