The Fabulous Iris Apfel X H&M Collab Drops Today: Run Don’t Walk

This is what 100 years of great style looks like.

Iris Apfel H&M collab

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Iris Apfel - the fashion legend who last year turned 100 - is finally giving the people what they want: a slice of her uniquely maximalist style courtesy of a high street collab with H&M. As you might expect from the woman who has made printed co-ords, plenty of necklaces and thick-framed glasses the ultimate combination when it comes to peacock dressing, the collection is filled with eye-popping prints, jewel-tone colours and good-time accessories - all of which will almost guarantee a, 'Where did you get that from?' the first time you wear any of it.

Iris Apfel H&M collab
©Iris Apfel x H&M

Early contenders for favourite pieces include the tiered and pleated skirt printed with flower power florals (£119.99), as well as the matching pussy-bow blouse with giant bell sleeves (£39.99). It might not be your typical wedding guest outfit, but it would certainly make head turns for all the right reason. While there isn't a pair of spectacles, there is a pyjama-style co-ord that is printed with those famous black frames (the shirt and bottoms are both £69.99). There's also an emerald and lilac coat printed with giant feathers that would make an elegant - and exuberant - finishing touch to the simple pairing of a white button-down and black cigarette pants.

Iris Apfel H&M collab
©Iris Apfel x H&M

How Much Is The Iris Apfel x H&M Collab?

The prices start from a very reasonable £19.99 - for the swimwear, the knitted vest and the knitted shorts - and stretch to £229.99 for a ruffled jacket in a flattering shade of violet. Shirts, trousers and dresses, all printed and glorious, are around the £69.99-£79.99 mark.

Iris Apfel H&M collab
©Iris Apfel x H&M

When Does The Iris Apfel x H&M Collab Launch?

Iris Apfel H&M collab
©Iris Apfel x H&M

The Iris Apfel x H&M collab will be available, in selected stores and online, from March 31.


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Coat, £99.991 of 17

Coat, £99.99

Shirt, £69.992 of 17

Shirt, £69.99

Trousers, £79.993 of 17

Trousers, £79.99

Dress, £79.994 of 17

Dress, £79.99

Dress, £69.995 of 17

Dress, £69.99

Necklace, £79.996 of 17

Necklace, £79.99

Skirt, £39.997 of 17

Skirt, £39.99

Swimsuit, £19.998 of 17

Swimsuit, £19.99

Loafers, £119.999 of 17

Loafers, £119.99

Necklace, £79.9910 of 17

Necklace, £79.99

Jacket, £79.9911 of 17

Jacket, £79.99

Skirt, £119.9912 of 17

Skirt, £119.99

Jacket, £229.9913 of 17

Jacket, £229.99

Blouse, £39.9914 of 17

Blouse, £39.99

Trousers, £69.9915 of 17

Trousers, £69.99

Loafers, £119.9916 of 17

Loafers, £119.99

Shorts, £19.9917 of 17

Shorts, £19.99

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