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6 Halloween Costumes That Will Only Make Sense In 2018


Will you be going as An Influencer this year?

Last year, the UK spent £320million (!) on Halloween, which might explain why it’s barely October and retailers have already started rolling out the costumes. Some are very misjudged (looking at you ‘sexy Handmaid’), but some have us howling with laughter.

Take Urban Outfitter’s ‘influencer’ costume for instance, which has ironically gone viral. For $59 (£45) you can channel Kim Kardashian with leggings and a sports bra, which if you squint look like the ensemble she and a coterie of other instal-famous people wore for Yeezy’s season 6 campaign. Another favourite tapped into our dating insecurities. Called the ‘Ghosted’ costume it’s £20 worth of polyester shorn into a ragged white dress and printed with a one-sided iMessage conversation. It’s spookily familiar.

Inspired by these topical fancy dress ideas, we’ve DIY-ed a few of our own. Keeping things culturally reverent, go as Serena Williams in her iconic Nike tutu with the help of a PLT bodysuit. Or, consider Walmart’s Yodel Kid your 2018 Halloween mood with an H&M shirt and Amazon bow-tie. Amen, to that.

Happy almost Halloween!