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What To Wear On Christmas Day

Whether you're lazing, lunching or hosting...

If you thought sourcing sentimental presents was this season's trickiest task, then you've yet to consider what to wear on Christmas day. As hype and expectations reach fever pitch, so does the pressure to pick an outfit that will make your mum happy but lets you gorge and lounge in equal measure.

Picking the perfect outfit comes with some tactical questions. Who are you trying to impress? Those long distant cousins you see once-a-year or your new-in-laws? How will the day pan out? Will there be dancing or will there be naps in-front of the Queen's speach? Could you, perhaps, make space for some outfit changes, or is that overkill?

The aim is to look festive, but not like Mrs Claus. Kitschy is good, but chic is better. Walking that line means considering whether a Christmas jumper is too cheesy and if pyjamas at a lunch your mother spent all-day cooking is acceptable. Personally, we at Grazia, favour a mid-day change. We begin with silk pjs and slippers but by mid-day we've upgraded to a party dress and magpie accessories. If you're expecting a mid-afternoon lull, this is your moment to embrace the hygge side of the holiday with cashmere leggings and sheepskin slippers. However, if post-lunch your family turns the party and music and up a notch now is the time to give your news year's eve dress its first test drive, perhaps with barefeet and less make-up though as you're still at home.

Here is our guide to full-proof outfits for every December 25th eventuality. Whatever your festive plans, just make sure you have yourself a very merry Christmas!