Emerald Engagement Rings You Really Will Want To Wear Forever

If it is good enough for Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox, it's good enough for us.

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Those looking for an alternative ring or a distinctive vintage piece to tie the knot can dream of an eye-catching emerald engagement ring. Worn by the likes ofVictoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy and, most recently, Megan Fox - this ring is all about class and glamour. In the celebrity world or our own, nothing quite says 'I love you' like the gleaming green beauty of an emerald stone.

Precious stones not only look beautiful but hold symbolism too. The meaning behind an emerald engagement ring represents eternity and everlasting love.

And anyone can get their hands on one. Couples can choose genuine natural emeralds for their rarity, prestige, and natural beauty. However, there are also lab-created emeralds that are available for a lower price but are easier to maintain and are equally beautiful and long-lasting.

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Emeralds are considered to be precious gems that take their green colour from traces of chromium and vanadium. The bolder the green, the higher the value of the stone. Emeralds with bluish tones typically sourced from Colombia are the most desirable and rare.

victoria beckham wearing emerald engagement ring

Victoria Beckham owns an epic collection of 14 different engagement rings, and one of them is an enormous cushion-cut emerald. Halle Berry also wears a dazzling 3-carat gem with a unique band (which you can buy here). If it's good enough for these A-listers, then we are on board.

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While clear diamonds may be more traditional, emerald gemstones are classic in their own right and are perfect for standing out from the crowd.

So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to put a ring on it, here are the most gorgeous designs on the market - ranging from Ruby & Oscar tohand-crafted independent jewellers on Etsy…so you can live out your old Hollywood dreams.

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Best Emerald Engagement Rings

Best Emerald Engagement Rings1 of 13

Beaverbrooks 18ct White Gold Diamond Emerald Halo Ring, £1,550

You will feel like you have walked straight out of a fairytale with this stunning 18-carat white gold halo ring.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings2 of 13

NormJewels, 14k Solid Gold Art Deco Emerald Ring, £181.56+

If you love delicate and elegant rings - this 14 carat rose gold ring will be one you will fall in love with.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings3 of 13

Mappin & Webb, Belvedere 18ct Yellow Gold Emerald Cut 6x4mm Emerald Ring, £3,250

Elegant and bold. Every day will be a luxury with this 18-carat gold ring on your finger.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings4 of 13

Naava Women's Round Brilliant 0.25ct Emerald and Diamond 9 ct, £439.95

Old Hollywood is calling. This classic 9-carat diamond ring has all the glitz and glamour of an Elizabeth Taylor piece.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings5 of 13

NormJewels, 14k Solid Gold Art Deco Baguette Emerald Ring, £182.93+

This simple yet understated 14-carat gold band encrusted with emerald is a beautiful way to show you are betrothed.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings6 of 13

Ruby & Oscar, Emerald & diamond teardrop ring in solid 9 carat white gold, £1,600

This gleaming green beauty will be turning heads as you walk by.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings7 of 13

NyFineJewelry, Emerald engagement ring vintage Art deco Oval diamond engagement ring, £395.48+

If you love something a little extra, then this will be the emerald ring of your dreams.

Halle Berry Ring Colombian8 of 13

JR Colombian Emeralds,2.70tcw Halle Berry Ring Colombian emerald & diamonds 18K,

In love with Halle Berry's emerald engagement ring? Well, guess what? You can buy an exact replica here. This 18-carat gold ring is giving us Cleopatra vibes.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings9 of 13

C.W. Sellors, Platinum 1.2ct Emerald and Diamond Ring. £9,060

Feel like royalty waltzing about in this stunning platinum diamond ring enclosing bright emerald precious stones.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings10 of 13

QP Jewellers, Emerald San Francisco Ring 0.65 ct in 9ct Gold, £409

This vintage classic style design is simple, glamorous and unique. The band is 9-carat gold.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings11 of 13

H.Samuel 9ct Yellow Gold 0.14ct Diamond & Pear Emerald Ring, £399

Princess Aurora vibes here. This ring is handcrafted in solid 9-carat gold and a single 0.65 ct emerald.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings12 of 13

Marlin Atelier, 14k Columbian Emerald Ring, £510+

If you are looking for an emerald engagement ring that is subtle yet unique. This beautiful 14k piece will fit perfectly with any dress and outfit for the rest of your married life.

Best Emerald Engagement Rings13 of 13

Purely Diamonds, Emerald ring with diamond shoulder stones 18ct, £1958+

This elegant piece looks like it could come out of the royal jewels collection - with a diamond rimed 18-carat band and a vibrant green stone.

How Do I Secretly Get The Size Right?

If you're unsure of your partner's ring size - try asking friends and family first and see if they can help you out. You can also use a ring they already own as a guide (as long as they wear it on the right finger) and show a jeweller some photos of their hands for comparison.

If you're really unsure, always size up so they can get those engagement shots with the ring on! Adjustments can always be made after.

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