The Story Of Victoria Beckham And Her 14 (!) Engagement Rings

Victoria beckham engagement rings

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This week Victoria and David Beckham celebrated 19 years of marriage, which is a feat that pales in comparison to the impressive number of engagement rings this poshest of Spices has racked up. For many, the gift of a single band feels monumental, but when you’re estimated net worth is over £336.7 million the fact is one ring does not rule them all.

As an award-winning fashion designer perhaps Victoria’s index is just another finger for her to accessorise, which makes sense since the rumour is she supposedly buys most of the bling herself. It was the Daily Mail that first reported this, so feel free to take this with a pinch of salt, however, we love this idea so much that we’re praying it's true. Though it left us to wondering, what spurred on these spenny little treats? Where was Vicky B in the great story of the Beckham romance for her to drop up to six figures on a single ring?

When Victoria still went by Posh Spice, David presented her with the first of many rings, a marquise-cut diamond in 1998. It’s said to have cost £65,000. Her latest came just weeks after a vicious divorce rumour did the viral rounds. The 44-year-old debuted a square-cut yellow diamond on a platinum pave band at the Louis Vuitton men’s show during Paris Fashion Week - it’s speculated to cost £120,000.

The second ring - a diamond-studded platinum band - celebrated the couples wedding and baby Brooklyn. Iconic as it was, the idea that a designer of such subtly cut dresses and tasteful tailoring chose a purple theme for her nuptials - topped off with Big Brother diary room style thrones - seems implausible now, but hey that’s what 1999 looked like.


Victoria beckham engagement rings

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Just 18 months later when VB was trying to crack the music scene as a soloist she upgraded her sparkler for an emerald-cut diamond that is said to be worth a cool £1.2mill. Could this be the result of her Out Of Your Mind profits?

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In 2004, David gave Victoria a pink-champagne diamond ring for her 30th birthday, this is guesstimated to cost £700,000. Though not a bad ratio to be 30 with four engagement bands and one husband, this wasn't the best year for brand-Beckham as it was in April of 04 that the British tabloids reported that David had an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos, which the couple denied. A week after the news splash, the model Sarah Marbeck claimed that she too had slept with David.

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By 2005, David's career as a football player was peaking (he was named Real Madrid Player of the Year) and Victoria had recently given birth to baby number three, Cruz. Naturally, she needed to add to her bling collection. This time she introduced a 17-carat pear-cut diamond ring into rotation. With an estimated to be worth of £2 million it's said to be the most valuable in her collection.

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It's almost unimaginable now, but in 2006 Baden-Baden was taken over by the World Cup wags. The leaders of the pack, Cheryl (know by Cole at the time) and VB put on a fashion show like no other. It was a media circus complete with mini skirts and micro diamond rings, at least it was for Victoria who debuted a new square-cut yellow diamond as well as two new eternity bands at this time.

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Six engagement rings in, Victoria showed off a new emerald set in a diamond band in 2007 - the same year she was named 52nd richest woman in Britain and made her reality TV debut with the show, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America. Though panned - NY Post called it an 'an orgy of self-indulgence' - she continued her TV tour throughout 2007 with a judging soot on Project Runway and a cameo in Ugly Betty.

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Size evidently matters to Victoria who chose a stonking great oval-cut ruby with a diamond halo for her next band in 2009.

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One year later, in September 2010, the Beckhams found themselves once again haunted by the tabloids rumours about their marriage - which were later proved to be untrue. By then Victoria was already showing off her new sapphire ring as well an oval-cut pink diamond band.

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The next year, in 2016, Victoria added a new square-cut platinum and diamond band to her jewellery box. Perhaps it was to celebrate her OBE, which was awarded by the Queen in honour of her charity work, UN support and fashion empire.

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The next year, in 2016, Victoria added a new square-cut platinum and diamond band to her jewellery box. Perhaps it was to celebrate her OBE, which was awarded by the Queen in honour of her charity work, UN support and fashion empire.

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