Vera Wang Just Changed The Game For Bridesmaids With Her New Affordable Dresses

Having launched Vera Wang Bride at Pronovias last year, the designer is now rewriting the rules for bridesmaids everywhere.

vera wang bridesmaids pronovias

by Hannah Banks-Walker |

Vera Wang does not play by the rules. At 72-years old, she is not only one of the busiest designers working in fashion, she's also trying to subvert tradition in order to give women what they really, really want. And she's succeeding. Last year, her eponymous bridal line, Vera Wang Bride, partnered with Pronovias to create a collection of fairytale wedding dresses at affordable prices. Now? It's the turn of the bridesmaids.

'I just wanted to shake it up a bit and offer the bride and her bridesmaids, and even guests, a whole new sense of fashion, colour palette and proportions – you know, clothes that are fun,' Wang tells me over the phone. Fun they certainly are – one look at this collection is enough to incite feelings of joy.

vera wang bridesmaids

There are a whopping 60 different styles, all available in multiple different colours. But don't think this is a typical pastel parade, as has become so synonymous with bridesmaid dresses – instead, Wang has used deep, rich blues, sunny shades of yellow, bright orange, raspberry, lilac, pale pink and even black.

Dresses come with detachable sleeves, in mini and maxi lengths, with frill details and some even can transform from long to short in the mere swish of a piece of fabric. 'When you think about it, weddings are now events for which people go away for two, three or four days. When I started my business, it was almost certainly a religious event or church-based ceremony, then a lunch or tea and that was it. Now, weddings are a mini vacation and especially since the pandemic has loosened up a bit, we have found people are just dying to celebrate. I'm hoping this collection has the right timing, I want it to break down the stereotype of what bridesmaid dresses can look like – and how they can be worn.'

vera wang bridesmaids pronovias

Wang's major concern was with the idea of creating a tableau, which she says is really what any bride is trying to do. But she's also in the business of making women feel great about themselves, which is why she has included so many different options. 'So many of the young women today are very, very conscious and supportive of their bridesmaids. They want them to feel happy and comfortable, which is of course when any woman looks her best.'

I've always encouraged women, not preached. I've encouraged women to celebrate who they are

This mindset fits well with Pronovias' own approach. All of these dresses, for example, will be available in sizes 2-30, which is the same for all of the collections stocked by the bridal brand. While one would hope this would be the norm nowadays, it's still rare to find such a diverse range of sizes available, and particularly within the world of bridal.

vera wang bridesmaids pronovias

Wang's awareness of how women really want to feel in their clothes is, presumably, why so many celebrity brides turn to Wang to create their dream wedding dresses. Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande and Alicia Keys are just a few of the women she has worked with, although she's currently working with another VIP. Of course, being the professional that she is, she won't disclose any names, but she does say that some recent feedback from this bride-to-be left her feeling extremely proud.

'She said to another friend of ours: 'I never want to take the dresses off, they're so amazing.' She said she just wanted to sleep in them, which I've never heard before,' Wang says. 'Well, I've had great feedback before but to hear this particular bride, who is very physical, be so vocal about how she felt, it made me feel like I'd had a good day, you know? The dresses so reflect her and I think I've always encouraged that idea of individuality. I've always encouraged women, not preached. I've encouraged women to celebrate who they are.'

For her part, Wang is clearly not interested in a hands-off partnership to which she can just put her name. This partnership with Pronovias is a great source of pride to her, largely due to the fact that she can offer a take on couture at a more affordable price (these dresses start at £315), thus offering it to a greater number of people who wouldn't normally be able to consider Vera Wang for their wedding. 'I really am just very proud of this collection. It's beautifully made – the team have done an incredible job. I'm quite demanding – or educated, maybe, is a better way of putting it – about different fabrics and the quality. But this has really come together.'

Between designing her ready-to-wear collections, bridal couture, Vera Wang Bride for Pronovias and working with many famous faces during awards season (no doubt we'll see some spectacular Vera Wang gowns over the next few weeks at the BAFTAs and the Oscars), it's a wonder Wang has time for much else. But something tells me that, in terms of expanding her offering to a greater, more diverse audience, she's just getting started.

'Fashion is complicated. It's fast, it's competitive, it's extremely creative, and I think that we've always tried to bring newness to the wedding business. newness. It's, I guess, evolution.'

VIew the **entire Vera Wang Bridesmaids collection for Pronovias here. **Prices range from £315-£440 and all dresses are available in sizes 2-30.

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