Manolo Blahnik Has Designed The Most Glamorous Birkenstocks – And They’re Still Available To Buy

Have comfy shoes ever looked this good?

Manolo Blahnik x Birkenstock

by Hannah Banks-Walker and Laura Antonia Jordan |

Just when you thought fashion collaborations couldn't get more exciting, along came the announcement earlier this year that Manolo Blahnik had created his very own Birkenstocks as part of an exciting partnership between the two brands. And they're every bit as covetable as you might imagine.

Naturally, from the man who made Carrie Bradshaw's famous wedding shoes, these are no ordinary Birkenstocks. Of course, they are every bit as comfortable as your classic pair of Arizona sandals, only for the second drop in the collaboration, said sandals are available in the most fabulous PVC.

In fact, Blahnik has put his own spin on two of Birkenstock's most beloved styles: the Arizona sandal and the Boston clog, the latter of which is covered in monochrome polka dots and, sadly, already sold out.

If you think the glamorous world of Manolo is worlds apart from the comfort and practicality offered by Birkenstock, they actually have more in common than you might think. ‘They do have one thing in common – we both care about quality,’ Blahnik explains.

They're also both instantly recognisable with unmistakably handwriting, a rarity given today's trend cycle. '‘You see so much now, people are getting tired, I’m getting tired to tell you the truth,’ says Blahnik, continuing, ‘It’s also obscene to buy too much. “Give me one in every colour!” I hate that.’ Another thing he loathes? ‘Those ghastly, hideous trainers that are so expensive. I am sick, sick, sick of them. I really can’t bear them! It’s so obscene, so rude, so horrible!’

But back to the sandals, which are playful, bold, unexpected and, yes, comfortable - just don't call them chic. '‘If somebody’s chic it’s unchic to me. Ugliness is beauty too!’ Blahnik says. '‘If you don’t have something “off ” it’s really not elegant. Elegance doesn’t mean anything any more and chic doesn’t mean anything.’


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Arizona PVC Sandals, £330
1 of 2

Arizona PVC Sandals, £330
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When does Manolo Blahnik for Birkenstock go on sale?

The collection launched on Birkenstock 1774, but has sold out, as well as on My Theresa, where the Arizona PVC sandals are still available to buy. Several styles from the first collection (pictured below), featuring jewel-toned velvet and crystal-embellished buckles, are also still available on the e-tailer.

manolo blahnik for birkenstock march 2022

How much is Manolo Blahnik for Birkenstock?

Prices start at £330 for the Arizona PVC sandals.

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