Why Sex Education’s Jean Milburn Has One Of The Most Stylish TV Wardrobes

Gillian Anderson strikes again.

Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn

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Gillian Anderson has form when it comes to looking stylish on TV (her character in creepy serial killer drama The Fall, Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, made an open-and-shut case for the power of the silk blouse). Now, she's reprising her role as Jean Milburn, Otis' sex therapist mum in Sex Education, a woman so unilaterally cool, when it comes to both character and wardrobe choices, that we know we're in for a treat with season three, which has already landed on Netflix.

Jean Milburn wearing an orange dress in Sex Education

Milburn's outfit go-tos range from figure-hugging jumpsuits paired with wedges (shoes that are problematic on most people, but somehow seem to not just work but actually look enviable on Anderson) to bohemian-style shirt dresses in colours like burnt orange that she tends to cinch with a wide leather belt. It's all a bit 2004 Sienna Miller - the gold bangles, the kimonos, the oversized shirts tied at her waist - if Sienna had a red-and-white clapboard house and guided people through vagina workshops from her living room, of course.

Jean Milburn wearing a teal jumpsuit in Sex Education

Her clothes simmer with sex appeal. Not so much in a, 'I just threw this on,' kind of way, but because she really doesn't seem to care about a) what people think or b) sugar-coating her feelings. She's reading the paper one morning on her balcony, wearing a mint-coloured hoodie instead of her usual wrap-around robe - when a man who stayed over the night before says awkwardly, 'I better go,' as she says goodbye to Otis. She barely looks up as she replies, 'I think that's best.' The next morning when he pops round to drop off some flowers and ask her out to dinner, she delivers what has to be the most direct and, when you think about it, emotionally-balanced response: 'Look Harry, I'm really sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I'm not interested in dating anyone. I'm extremely busy with work and raising my son and I just have no room in my life for the kind of intimacy that you are clearly craving. But I really commend you on your directness and bravado and I really hope you find what you're looking for.' What she wears? It's basically the clothing equivalent of that sentence.

So what can you expect from season three if you haven't already binge-watched it? Well, (spoilers ahead), Milburn found out she was pregnant at the end of last season, which is a pretty path-altering trajectory for a busy sex therapist with a teenage son. How has her wardrobe changed as she navigates her pregnancy? If anything, it's just got better.


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